Wind River Range, WY - Multiple Activations Coming Up!

Howdy Folks,

Just wanted to send an e-mail out letting people know that we will be in the Wind River Range for the next week climbing the world class granite. We will be in the Deep Lake/Cirque of the
Towers area of the southern range. We’ll be up around 12,000 feet on several summits over the next few days. Unfortunately, right now there are only two summits that we are likely to reach that are included in the Sublette County Association -W7Y/SL-012 & W7Y/SL-027 In any case, at the elevation, the listening area should be pretty great. We’ll be on the summits early to mid-afternoons…keep an ear out if you can. We’ll, check-in on area repeaters but, will need to make simplex contacts…146.52 or 446.000.

Thanks for reading and we hope to work you. Point a beam our way :slight_smile:


Rich and Marcia

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Nice to see you are having more than your legal limit of summer fun! Will be watching for your alerts, but pointing the 2M beam your way isn’t going to do it! Did speak with W2APF in Stuttgart on echolink when they went to Friedrichshafen hamfest recently. And of course heard you on our net via the same. Fun to see your post this morn. Later, and 73’s Merle and Herm