Wind power plant on summit

Has anyone any experience of activation a summit having a wind power plant on site or nearby? Any QRN or so?

The reason I am asking is that I discovered that there is serious plans to build a very large plant on a new summit that is listed in next coming update of ARM…

73 SM5KRI Chris

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Hi Chris,

I’ve activated several summits recently in the vicinity of wind farms and have noticed no electrical interference at all, either on HF or VHF.

The Audio from them can be quite alarming in high winds though!

73 de Paul G4MD

In reply to G4MD:

Just like Paul, no QRN etc on HF or VHF from several sites. It is very wierd when you first walk through a wind farm along the access roads as the noise made close in is quite impressive. Also the speed the tips move is quite scary, it takes a moment to or to truly believe it’s all safe! :slight_smile:

Beware if you visit a wind farm in the winter. Ice builds up on the blades and is eventually shed meaning there can be sigificant ice lumps flying about at high speed.


In reply to all:

TNX all for info, I will be glad to put the summit on my updated list. I will by the way be in that area for a week (last week in August) and activate some summits, see the alerts.