Wild life in Mt. A Lagoa EA1/CR-034 by EA2IF/P on 15/07/2017

Last night I had a short time to participate on the QRP category of the EA National CW contest and I decided to go to the summit of Mt. A Lagoa EA1/CR-034 in order to have a low noise environment and a good high location in front of the Ocean in order to give a boost to my QRP station.

When I arrived to the top of this drive on summit the sun was pretty low and I finished setting up when the sun was right over the horizon line. I’m in the West coast of Spain on holiday these days and dusk happens really late.

Being sunset and on a SOTA summit, I couldn’t resist the strong temptation of activating, so I prepared everything and sent a self spot followed by my CQ calls.

The first station responding immediately to my CQ was Phil G4OBK with a very strong signal.

After QSO with Phil I didn’t get other chasers calling and I saw on SOTAWATCH that there was a USA activator just 1 Kc down from my frequency, so I QSYed there and found that I could copy Dean K2JB quite well. It took me some time and several calls to be copied by Dean but it finally happened and we completed the S2S QSO :v:

After the S2S with Dean I moved back to my initial frequency and kept CQing. 5 minutes later I was chased by K3TCU, later by W2SE, followed by K5QR.

While I was having one of these QSOs, I felt like something was moving in front of me and I lifted my eyes to discover a wild boar running from right to left in front of me at nearly 5m from me. I finally lost eye contact because it run behind some bushes.

I stared at it while it was crossing in front of me but I didn’t move at all and kept working CW on the band.

About 1 or 2 minutes later, the same wild boar reappeared from where it had disappeared before and it crossed back from left to right while staring at me this time. At one point, it stopped its running and turned itself towards me staring steadily.

I was staring at it too while very still. I was only moving my fingers to operate the paddle.

Notice that I made my 2nd QSO with K3TCU and also a QSO with EA2EFI while this was happening.

The wild boar resulted to be a female and she started to produce different grumbles and noises while staying in front of me and staring at me.

Then, I discovered what the female wild boar had gone for when she passed in front of me the first time. There were 4 very young wild boars on the left side not willing to pass in front of me to follow Mum, because (I guess) they were afraid of me.

After some 45 seconds of wild boar Mum’s grumbles and noises, the 4 little kids seemed to have gathered enough stregth and courage, as they suddenly started running from left to right in order to join Mum.

As soon as they got together, they run away from me to the right and disappeared from my sight.

It was so beautiful and I enjoyed it so much that I can only say thanks SOTA for making us go out to the mountain tops and sit there quietly, letting us witness such beautiful wild life scenes like this one.

The sun had disappeared below the horizon by that time and there was little light as to take any pictures or make a video. Also, I didn’t want to move at all searching for phones or cameras in order to avoid scaring the wild boars and potentially causing any agressive reaction towards me in the young wild boar Mum.

Two more chasers got to the log after this episode and I finally decided to QRT because it was too dark and not having any light with me, I was having difficulties to see what I was writing down on my log. This is the full log:

When I made QRT on SOTA, I changed set-up and prepared everything similarly but with the equipment inside my car for the CNCW (EA National CW contest).

Thank you dear chasers for your calls.

Thank you SOTA for giving me the motivation to go in the mountains at any time of the day or night.

Best 73,



Hello Guru, it’s always nice to be able to see wid animals in their natural habitat !
Did you notice any better propagation towards N. America at this time of the evening ?

I do remember one time i worked you last summer from a Sota over here, it was around midnight at your QTH and you were coming in really good.


Well done Guru.

Be aware of boars. They tend be aggressive!
I had an unpleasant encounter with a herd of boars in the past… We all remained ok (me and the boars)…

73 de Pedro, CT1DBS/CU3HF

Hi Guru!

Hope mom and the kids were as interested in you and your CW sounds as you were in them.
Glad cool heads prevailed on both sides.



Hi Eric,
Yes, conditions to Northamerica definitely get a boost at sunset time on 20m. I experienced in the past and again yesterday, when I managed to make a S2S and also be chased by a good number of NA stations in quite a short time.

I’ve been checking my log and these are all the QSOs I have with you:

Our QSO on May 28th is the closest to midnight of the three we’ve made so far, but I was chasing you from my home QTH that day and surely using my TL-922 linear amplifier (nearly 1Kw) into my TH5-DX yagi antenna up 15m above the ground.

While I was activating last Saturday night, I was on a summit in the West coast of Spain, which is about 700 Km West of my home QTH near Pamplona city, and l was using a home made endfed wire antenna with the top end about 8m high and my FT-817ND at 5 watts output power.

I hope I’ll be able to go up again to that summit for another activation at about dusk before the end of my holiday. Hopefully without wild boars around :wink:



Thanks, Pedro, for the advise. Yes I know they can be really agressive and dangerous, particularly when facing females with little babies.
That’s why I decided to remain still while looking at her and I assure I would have run away to my nearby car in case I saw her approaching me.
I’m sure I made the right thing.


Hi Ken,
I always work SOTA activations with headphones but, in the silence of the summit and given the very highly sensitive sens of hearing this animals have, they were very probably able to hear the morse code coming out of my headphones. May be not the little ones, but surely yes the Mum while she was attentively staring at me.
It’s good we all reacted calmly. Nothing serious happened and we all could go home in peace and happy for our good luck after such unexpected encounter.
Best 73,


Hi Guru,

I had just chased Dean when I heard you calling him as an S2S a few minutes later.
It was a pleasant surprise to hear and then successfully chase you. Finally, I got a chance to reciprocate somewhat for the times that you have chased me. Thanks! That afternoon (my local time) was one of the better band openings in recent months.
Good that the “truce” held between you and the wild critters, They can be territorial as well as highly protective of their young.

See you further down the log.

vy 73, Bruce W2SE

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Fantastic. We saw a Golden Eagle sitting on a rock outcrop yesterday on HB/VS-133. Garde de Bordon. We were away from the usual footpaths, she didn’t seem too scared and we got to about 20 metres away before she flew effortlessly away. Also saw Kestrel, raven and a red fox.

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