Wild boars in Mt Scioscia's Wood I/LO-435 27/04/2019

Hi guys,
This morning I’m went on mount Scioscia.

I was sit on a pile of stone and Zac was near me with a long leash…
I had just started a qso with @ON6ZQ when I heard a strong noise, something moving through the brush close to me
I saw three big wild boars to hurtled a few meter from me.
Zac springed on high alert, I had to interrupt the qso for some istant.
when I saw them go away I returned sit and I continued the qso with Christophe, I tried to continue the activation putting a log @DL2HWI.
because Zac was excited, I preferred going in qrt and descend.
Sorry Cristophe and Dietmar for the inconvenience.

See you next time!
de iw2obx Roberto


Glad you did not have a face-to-face encounter with them! We have wild boar in the southern Appalachian Mountains, too. They are descendants of European and Russian boar who were imported to roam private estates for hunting, and escaped into the mountains. They have bred with escaped domestic pigs and thrived here. Now we unfortunately have established populations that are wreaking havoc on the mountain ecosystems. Something else to think about on those lonely activations.

Scott WB8ICQ

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