Wild Boar Fell G/NP-007

Narrative free, photo and map centric summary of my recent activation in the Yorkshire Dales AONB.

Great place and enjoyed it immensely despite my knee bothering me.

Paul M0SNA aka W6PNG


Hi Paul,
Welcome and thank you for your report on NP7. I’m pleased you enjoyed it and you had a good day weather wise.

That’s a nice presentation, with the profile and speed graph and it looks like you walk quickly despite your knee trouble. You went the standard way but I’ve been stuck on the grass verge twice now. Maybe you parked further up the road to the north. You also have to walk through a lake on the initial part of the farm track in winter, hopefully dry when you went.

There are some striking stone stacks (within the AZ) which overlook the edge above Mallerstang. You might have seen them from the path you took to the trig point.

Well done on your successful activation and in charming the local farm animals. It will be interesting to see what you chose next. While we’re on the subject of stone stacks, what about Nine Standards Rigg? You can go from the southwest at NY 8084 0429. (More details if you need them - or any other NP/ LD summit).

Congrats on passing the UK-RAE.
It would be good to work you some day under either call,

73, John G4YSS
(GX0OOO/P Club)

Pleased you enjoyed it :slight_smile:

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Wild Boar Fell must be one of the most pleasant ascents in the North Pennines. Many thanks for the photos which brought back some great memories. I must put the hill on the list for a visit by my alter-ego.

73, Gerald G4OIG

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