Wild Boar Fell G/NP-007 2023

Quick report - if nothing else to share the photos!

I didn’t really intend going out today - but the 7AM dog walk showed it to be cold and calm, and the roads relatively ice free. Wind Boar Fell is still my favourite North Pennine Hill and today was just as stunning.

Its a bit of an optical illusion because it is much smaller than it looks, I think it took me about 80 mins from the starting point (Car parking at the side of the road at 783997 and just follow the obvious paths…).

It didn’t need Ice Axe / Crampons, actually I’ve decided that if I need that hardware I’m not taking any dogs… My Plan ‘B’ was just to retrace my steps if it was not safe walking. I would imagine that anything any higher / steeper will be in winter condition …

The kit today was KX2 using an internal battery and a 40m linked dipole and 2m J Pole on a 6m mast, and 40m was flying with some really good shortish skip inter G signals. Managed a bit of a gremlin with the links in the dipole but solved by stripping a bit of wire and twisting the link together!

Woody and Jet

My activation was cut a bit short when I initially noticed that one of the guys for the mast was flopping around, when I noticed that the spaniels had managed to remove a second guy I knew my time was limited. I was also starting to lose the ability to write as I had cold hands and the boys were starting to get cold, so apologies for anyone I missed, I genuinely did try and get as many in the log as I could. As I was packing up I quickly tried 2m and managed a S2S with Nick G4OOE (When I’m rounding up our big Black and White Tom Cat called Oscar I find myself calling Oscar…Oscar and then If I’m not careful Echo…) … on Buckton Pike, also just packing up - Thanks!

(Oscar…OSCAR and Dodger)

Today’s unnecessary kit list was nicely short - I didn’t use the map, spare battery or survival bag but I’m glad I had them… however…

There is a small alloy tent peg near the summit which defied my attepts to find it in the snow, and then I managed to leave behind my vintage walking poles - actually they are so old they were ski poles before walking poles were a thing… they are no doubt stacked against the wall nicely at the roadside, and as the bottom of one of them was on the way out it does not seem to be sensible to do a 2 hr round trip… but when I next do any of the nearby NP hills I’ll check - they are so old they will probably still be there in six months time…

Going back down…

Could it be any better… well it would be brilliant to see a big steam train running up the old Midland Main line as I was ascending the hill, but no trains visible today…

Thanks again to all the chasers.

  1. Paul (Jet and Woody)

Paul, I’ll take that as a recommendation. WBF has been on my short list for ages [never walked it] and is less than 50 minutes drive from my house so I’ve no real excuse. I see you started where I had planned to, so I assume there’s room to park a car on or just off the B6259 near the start of the public footpath.

So, will pack my KX2, bothy bag, etc, put on my microspikes, and take my walking companion Bella, an 8-year-old Cocker Spaniel, up there soon I hope.

Nice photos.

73 Andy


… yes a car can be tucked in - actually met the farmer and asked if it was OK to park and he was fine!

I hope you can see here! ( On right hand side this is facing North…)

(Google Maps)


Wild Boar Fell is one of my favourites. Before SOTA I did it a couple of times using the Settle Carlisle Railway, starting at Garsdale Head and ending at Kirby Stephen. For SOTA I park near Thrang Bridge where there is space for several cars. It’s slightly further to walk than Paul’s spot but easier to park.