Wikitude World Browser shows Summits near you

Dear great Sota Community!

I’m very pleased to anounce that all ~27700 summits - from all over the world - which are in the SOTA - Database are now viewable via Wikitude which is an Augmented Reality World Browser. Augmented Reality means - you can use your Handy in Cam Mode - look through it and see the summits overlayed on the display - there is also a Map and List View available.

So if you own an Android ,iPhone ( or Symbian Handy just install the Wikitude World Browser App which is for free. After you started the program it shows you all available worlds around you - A World is a collection of Points of Interest near you.
So I programmed (undergoing some sleepless nights) the SOTA World - a Webservice which delivers the 50 nearest Summits to your current location - wherever you are. You’ll also see the distance to all summits.

The data is dynamically as new summits might be added – or information like “Last Activated” changes every day – so to keep up-to-date the data is rebuilded every night.

This is my contribution to the SOTA Community - hope you find it usefull and enjoy it!!!
Comments and feedback here or on my homepage if you like as I’m curious on your responses.

Greetings and 73 from Austria
de OE2WNL - Wolf

Ps: If you know any other data which would be great to have in wikitude - just tell me (I’m already aware of repeater-lists and APRS POI’s which will come next :wink:

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Nice one !!!

Just loaded app onto my phone, many thanks for the work you have done.Now to play about with it.


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really a nice job you did. i also loaded the browser to my iPhone and it works. it’s also a help to find summits for activaters like me… great job Wolf
73 Peter/HB9CMI


And here I just told the wife I didn’t want a Droid…