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WI-008 and WI-009 on 15 March 2017

Tnx to all who hung in there despite my late arrival to both of these summits today. Of course, there is a story behind it all ;-). WI-008 remains an active logging site, and the entrance to the shortest access route was blocked this morning by several logging trucks and a machine loading the logs onto the trucks. I was ready to bag it when I remembered an alternative access reported on PeakBagger. But what would have been a 1 mile round trip became a 2 mile slog through logging debris and deeply rutted roads just to get to the summit using the alternate route (I will post a brief write-up on the alt route). I opted not to track back through the orthopedic surgeon’s dream route and instead followed clearer logging roads when exiting, but those took me enough off course to make the entire WI-008 trip almost 7 miles round trip–so I was late for WI-009. Fortunately 009 access was pretty straightforward.

I will be leaving early tomorrow for WI-006, as it is almost 2 hours away from my cabin. There may be a creek crossing early on, but I’ve got spare socks and my beach shoes just in case! The route appears to be fairly open, so I’m hoping most of the snow will be melted and that I can arrive at the summit in 2 hours or less. Temps predicted to be in the 40s–this is northern WI beach wx!

73 Paula k9ir