Why I can't upload S2S ?

Hello , I’ve had a problem to upload my csv file of my activation of 15-august-2020 .
System says error duplicate on the S2S QSO and I be able to upload my activation only deleting all the S2S QSO .
I divided my original csv file ( pm597 ) in 2 files:
pm597-nos2s that were loaded by the system ( 2020-10-12 )
/home/beppe/Immagini/Schermata del 2020-10-26 19-54-22.png
and pm597-S2S that the system always consider duplicate !!!
/home/beppe/Immagini/Schermata del 2020-10-26 19-56-00.png

Please , someone can help me ?
I called for help in “contact” of Database but nobody aswered.
thanks by I1WKN Beppe

Ciao Beppe,
Try to go there: SOTA Database
and delete the qso on 15-august-2020
Then try to upload all your activation.
Buona serrata, Gerald

Well I answered but my reply must have been eaten as spam.

The system says duplicate because you have already uploaded S2S QSOs for that date.

When you upload, you only need to upload once. The file can contain activation QSOs, S2S QSOs and chase QSOs. If you get an error in the activation QSOs then the activation will not be uploaded but the chase and S2S QSOs will be uploaded. If you try to upload that file again, the duplicates will be shown to you. You need to either remove the duplicates from the file. Or use the easy “manage uploads” option will allows you to delete all the activation, S2S and chase uploaded QSOs from that file and start again.

MERCI GERALD ! J’ai suivi ton conseil , et maintenant j’ai corrigeè tout.
peut etre que le “manage upload” en francais ca marche mieux que en anglais ( HI; HI )

Thanks MM0FMF for your help, so now I’ve finally arranged my DB.
Now I know that I cant upload 2 files with the same date .
But I have still a doubt : why the first time that I try to upload the system said “error duplicate” ? Mistery of computer ! NO PROBLEM , thanks for your work .

73 by Beppe I1WKN