Why do people do it

I was having a sota contact with dl/vk2ji/p ed today when a EB2 station started to call all he wanted to do was to shout over the top of the activation station and my selve this is not the first time ive had a problem with this station what a disgrace i know i choose to run ten watts but come on best 73s Dave M3XIE

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In my opinion these OM do not want to shout over the activator. They simply call without hearing the activator. There was a discussion about this some time ago: http://www.sotawatch.org/reflector.php?topic=7209#

73 de Michael, DB7MM

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Dave, I am keeping a record in my little black book of all the stations I hear, and all the stations reported to me, for disruptive operating. So far three stations have been informed that the MT will take action against them if they don’t mend their ways, and my “little list” (back to G&S!) has fourteen callsigns on it so far. I can understand your frustration at the antics of this EB2 station, but nothing will happen unless you PEM me with his callsign as well as let off steam here.

Just as a recap, since the thread was some time ago, after a number of complaints/observations an offending station gets a friendly warning. If he persists in his disruptive ways he will then get his access to the database frozen until he gives assurances that he will mend his ways. If more complaints are received he gets booted off the program, and his entries in the database will be removed. Three strikes and OUT!

So, please contact me, Dave, I have two EB2s on my little list and I have a little wager with myself as to which one QRMd you!


Brian GV8ADD

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Sent you a email Brian thank you Dave M3XIE

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I had a similar problem with the EB2 constantly calling over the activator, as you say most annoying.


Victor, GI4ONL

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I was lucky to get in just before EB station started Dave, I don’t think it matters how many watts you run with this character, the operator is just plain ignorant and bad mannered. At one time I heard his call sign four times on the trot, I was very tempted to say something, but that would have only made the situation worse. I know it takes all sorts to make the the world go round, but I think he needs reminding that the world does not revolve around him.
73s Annoyed M6BLV

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idem for me, i was on F/AB-202, this EB2 call after spotting, i answer him.
then 2 qso after he called me again, and once more i gave him report, and nothing else. 5 qso after, again this EB2 called me, etc… etc… until i decided to ignore him !
In fact he just do not listened me, and create noise for nothing ! In futur i will not answer him anymore !
73’s Bob

This is not just a problem on HF. I was recently trying to work a SOTA on 2M FM when a station who had already worked him kept calling constantly…

“are you doing 4M John”

There were still a fair few trying to work the summit and I know this fool can hear people calling. Selfish little man.

Chris M0RSF

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Well, we are getting plenty of moans here, justified moans, too, but I am not getting many emails reporting disruptive behaviour and giving callsigns! Guys, if all you want to do is let off steam, carry on, but if you want the MT to try and curb these imbeciles, report them! Rest assured that we will not tell them that it was you who complained.


Brian GV8ADD

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You have a very good point, Mike, We’ll have to think about that. At present nobody has progressed beyond an initial warning: in an ideal world such a warning would be enough but I suspect that we will have to go further with some operators! It was envisaged that the final punishment would be the loss of everything the operator had worked for, but I wonder if it would be possible to leave the log on record but show no score, I’ll have to look into that.


Brian GV8ADD

Activator logs are quite likely to contain QSOs for which there is no matching SOTA chaser entry, as the activator’s calling CQ and it doesn’t matter (as far as qualifying the summit activation is concerned) whether the resulting QSOs are from SOTA chasers or not, but only SOTA chasers are likely to enter their logs in the SOTA database.

73, Rick M0LEP

What you could do is remove all their QSOs from the public database but keep a log available just for the MT to check certificates for doubtful activations? As I understand it, having a star for every activation is not really a requirement for certificates even if it’s easier to confirm things that way.