Who was TM7MB?

I had a S2S from F/JU-033 to F/AB-001 on 2m FM… with TM7MB.

Who was behind this activation?

73 Armin

See if he is known to F6HBI, who posted for him after an s2s from F/AM-773. [tosan.gerald@free.fr] …If not, then you might have to wait for him to submit his log.

Elliott, K6EL

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One of our members posted this into the HB9SOTA chat:

73 Jens HB9EKO


Hello Armin,
This is Gerald F6HBI, I have been F8UFT on F/AB-001 back in 2016 with the same team as TM7MB this year. The leader of the team was André F6IGY 75 years young, the Operators on 40m were Mathieu F4EZO and Frederic F8DQY (F8DQY-5 on aprs.fi).
Marie YL F4IKP was also on summit! Jean F5BQT was at the camping in Chamonix for the VHF security. F8DQY was also on DMR-TG-973.
As it was very windy and cold, they could’nt manage CW.
I have some record file were man can ear most of the contact.
By the way, i did the QSO 40m SSB S2S from F/AM-773, that offer to me the highest complete i could score!!!
Congratulations Armin for this QSO with the “Toit de l’Europe”, and by the way thanks for all the S2S we have.
73’s from Gerald F6HBI


Thank you Jens @HB9EKO

…and thanks Gerald @F6HBI for the information and congratulations on this outstanding complete…

I’m always happy about an S2S with you… sometimes I have the feeling that I’m particularly popular with French chasers during my activations in France, which account for over a quarter of all my activations… :wink:

This activation on F/AB-001 was definitely a great event!

I was amazed that it wasn’t announced more strongly. (But maybe that was a good thing - who knows if I would have had a chance of an S2S otherwise. :innocent:)

73 Armin