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Who put their FT817 in a push-chair?





In reply to G4CMQ:

Not me David. It was my FT-736R that I took up in a golf trolley. Got to get some power out on 23cms somehow!

It’s good to see the subject of MRT’s getting a good airing on the TV. I suppose 2008 will still have its share of idiots in trainers and teeshirts out on the hills. Interesting to see the MRT guy interviewed on “Breakfast” this morning had 4 layers on plus another 2 in his bag.

73, Gerald


In reply to G4OIG:

Hi Gerald

Were you trying for the first s2S with a golf ball? There’s a thought!

Has there ever been an intercontinental s2s? I see that there has never been a USA Association activation so I suppose it would have had to be EU to ZS contact if at all. Just wondering.

Best 73’s


W2/GA-082 activated by KC2EUS on 4th March 2007. But that’s the only one. Maybe things will pick up if/when the proposed W0 and W7 associations come on board, and maybe Canada too.

Virtually all ZS activators contacts are 40m SSB with a little bit of VHF, and all to other ZS stations except for one contact to 3D.

The ZS AM ZS1AN though made plenty of contacts on 20m and 15m CW to stations in Europe in his early 2003 activations - but none that were S2S that I can see.

It looks like the first intercontinental S2S is still up for grabs!



In reply to M1EYP:

Thanks for the info, Tom. I missed the W2/GA-082 activation when looking down the list.

Regarding ZS, the database does not show any CW contacts, so was this prior to the Association coming on board?

Seems like the intercontinental s2s is a specific goal for some enterprising activator. Maybe the MT could offer a special trophy for such an event. I see Klaus had a QSO with an N7 I think, last week, so it could be possible as conditions improve. Must be one of the great SOTA firsts left to achieve.



In reply to G4CMQ:
You lot can laugh, but you should try holding down a full time job looking after a house and dragging the kids up Snowdon in the push chair on your day off to do some SOTA, (luxury I used to dream of living in a corridor)

mike G0HIO


In reply to G0HIO:

(luxury I used to dream of living in a corridor)

mike G0HIO

Corridor! That is luxury. We lived in a lake!


In reply to G4CMQ:

Who put their FT817 in a push-chair?

I know someone who put his FT-857 in the baby buggy with the baby and humped it up Moel Famau amongst others, but I will let him own up to it.



In reply to GW7AAV:

Corridor! That is luxury. We lived in a lake!

You were lucky to have a lake! There were a hundred and fifty …

MM0FMF (with apologies to Cleese, Chapman, Brooke-Taylor and Feldman)


In reply to G4CMQ:

I looked in the Database this morning and found loads of CW QSOs made by ZS activators, especially ZS1AN. Log onto the Database, look at the Activator Roll of Honour, filter it for ZS and then look at ZS1AN’s log - select “Show all QSOs” (hence why you will need to have logged on with your username and password).

73, Tom


In reply to M1EYP:

Thank you Tom. I wondered why I could not get the QSO list every time! Now I realise the database logs you out quite quickly. Still on the SOTA learning curve!!