Who of you folks

…has ordered all that rain? Will trade a sunshade for a pair of gumboots.

73 Bernhard DL4CW

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Hi Bernhard,

I hear Richard G3CWI is working on a lightweight SOTABoat… Had to wear 4 layers and full wet weather clothing on Monday activating GW/MW-011.

73, Gerald

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It`s 11C, near galeforce wind & horizontal rain here in Buxton. I think we had our summer for 3 days in April. :frowning:

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Dry and cloudy in Brum with an occasional glimmer of sun. The forecast for the weekend doesn’t look too bad. Summer is scheduled for September!

The Buxton WX sounds ideal for a bit of grass slope polybagging!


Brian G8ADD

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A little bit off-topic, Today I was on a on a cellphone (UMTS/HSDPA) site on rooftop of a building, about 30 meter above ground, working with the basestation equipment placed in a outdoor cabinet. Above me the sky was blue and no rain, while other buildings nearby around was under heavy rain and dark clouds… I was there for one hour, finished work as fast as possible and while climbing down the ladder to get inside it start rain heavy on me …

The wx forecasts for the weekend says rain on sarturday, possible rain on sunday, will see if i can get out /P and do some chasing on summits…

73 / SM5KRI

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No we definitely had summer in February… All sizes | Moel Famau 18_2_2008_025 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

I was supposed to attend the RIAT at RAF Fairford in Gloucestershire last weekend but it got cancelled because of the rain and flooding. We were on our way entering France when the bad news struck.

Pray for me that this weekend will be better as I will be at Farnborough and hopefully see the Vulcan fly again after more than 10 years.

Trust me, august weather will be better; I’m on holiday then :o)


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Please can you book your good weather in S. Sweden for 2 weeks starting next Friday 25th. :slight_smile:

Thank you… Marc G0AZS

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I thought we had a great summer, trouble was, we had to travel to South Germany to get it.


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Marc, I will try order a good wx for you!


click on map on south part of SM, then choose the city Helsingborg.