Who Is That Masked Man Shouting "ME ME ME"?

There is a lid who has in recent weeks developed the habit of sending “TRY 40 M” or “40 M PSE” directly over the signal of activators in the western U.S. states. He is obviously following spots on SOTAwatch2 and apparently becoming frustrated when unable to hear the activators. I have never heard a call sign accompany this ops requests (or demands), but his signal is quite strong in SW Washington.

Does anyone know his call sign? I would dearly love to converse with him about amateur radio etiquette, QRM, and a few other basic concepts, such as:

  1. It is the activators, not the chasers, who decide which bands to use
  2. HF band conditions are changeable; a few minutes of patience may be rewarded with audible signals from the activator
  3. On those occasions when you never hear the activator, please keep your fiddle-fingers off the key

Thanks for the bandwidth; I feel better now even though I’ve carefully sugar-coated my comments. 73

Gary, K9ZMD
Ridgefield, WA

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I have heard the same thing but never a Call or ID (Always on CW )

Most activators change bands as they proceed with their activation. Just have to be a bit patient and wait.


As a chaser. yes it can get frustrating at times as a activator is on wrong band.

BUT end of day, we are at the mercy of the ionosphere and how she is behaving. Only time I have seen this is on the QRZ DX cluster never heard it as yet. Like you said the activator runs which bands they choose simples, but certainly no need to create more QRM. Any ways, what gives this person the idea if they can.t hear the activator that the activator can hear them.

Patience is the name of game as said before being a low powered station I tend to hang on if there signal is weak and its busy them being called till it quietens down sometimes this has to be till the towards the end of there activation period.

So best thing to do if it pop,s up again on band ignore it. and perhaps if they are watching the Sota watch PLEASE REFRAIN FROM SUCH ACTIONS :slight_smile:

Thank you