Who has done Mt Watatic W1/CR-009?

Considering Mt Watatic as my first activation. It’s close enough to my house, and looks like a relatively easy hike. What is the summit area like? How easy/problematic is it to set up in? What “gotchas” are there that I should plan for?
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Doug, K1RDD

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Doug, you can get a list of who has activated this summit.

  1. From the SOTA database, go to SOTA Database and then type W1/CR-009 in the Find box. You will get a list of activators and the bands/number of QSOs they had.

  2. From Sotal.as, go to https://sotl.as and type W1/CR-009 in the search box top centre. You get the list of activators but also links to any tracks and reports.

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I activated Watatic about three years ago, in mid-June. It was a very nice day, and there were quite a few people on the summit for the view. I think it may have been Flag Day, it’s not a state holiday, but I think it’s celebrated in some towns.

I slipped off into the woods a little bit to set up and avoid the curious. . Made 10Qs on 20m CW and 4 on 2m fm.
The trails were well marked, easy to follow on the way up. There were many young people, apparently a school group on the early level part of the trail that goes through a wet area - that will not be happening now, I guess. There were a few people going for serious exercise, running up the trail.
On my way down, near the summit I took an unintended turn at a place where two trail merge, and ended up going down a different trail than the one I took up. It joined the trail I came in on a little further north than where I had turned on the way up. It was pretty clear where I was from the map I had: Wapack Trail Map from Friends of the Wapack, PO Box 115, West Peterborough, NH 03468, www.wapack.org. It’s a useful map, shows trails for SOTA summits Watatic, Holt Peak on Temple Mtn, Pack Monadnock, and North Pack Monadnock.

I will probably do Watatic again myself in the next month or two. In these times of social distancing I expect it will not be as lonely as some of the other W1/CR summits.

73, Al N1AW

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