White Meldon GM/SS-208 and Trahenna Hill GM/SS-143

So lockdowns come and lockdowns go. I was last out doing any serious hill walking in October 2020, poor weather and lockdowns have limited activity to walking the dog etc. But the WX for Wednesday looked a bit jolly and the travel restrictions for non-essential activities are essentially gone in Scotland, time for a day off work and some fun.

As I’m not hill fit (but have been walking on the flat) I thought a couple of wee tiddlers to start with.

White Meldon GM/SS-208

The computer said 30 mins to the top and it was right. I expected it to be a real struggle but I just kept plodding on and didn’t to stop for a break. Not bad. WX was 75% blue sky, warm in the sun but the wind was seriously baltic. At the car park it was deceptively warm but on the summit in the wind it was quite cold.

60m, 40m, 40m with an inverted V and 5W. The bands were not brilliant but it was a joy to be out on a hill playing radio. Gs on 60m, F, S5, HB9, GM, PA, DL. G & ON on 40m and CT, SM, OH & DL on 30m.

Station setip below the trig.

1959 vintage trig, looking North towards Edinburgh

Trahenna Hill GM/SS-143

A few miles drive and another easy hill. The computer said 50mins and it took 47. There is a walker’s car park and it was packed but 2 cars were just about leave so that was lucky. This is much more of a climb than White Meldon but again I found going up was easy. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other. Again no rest breaks needed. Coming down was different. This is where you find you use different muscles coming down a hill to climbing, walking or sitting on a rowing machine 5 days a week. My thigh fronts were on fire when I got back to the car.

F, DL, EA7, EU, ON, & OH on 20m and DL, SM, OK & UW on 30m. I finished off with an S2S with Colwyn MM0YCJ who was on GM/SS-050 on 2m FM and then a good natter with Jack GM4COX also on 2m. I had bought a new NiMh pack for my VX-170 last summer and it didn’t seem to have much oomph but now it has been charged and discharged a few times it is working much, much better.

A panorama from Trahanna summit.

Great to be back out again and a delight to hear voices and fists not heard for 6months.


Thanks for the nice report Andy, I enjoyed listening to you again on your Scottish summits :wink:

73, Éric

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