Which association should one register in when not located in a SOTA region?


I suspect some others will be in the same position as me. As the SOTA associations don’t neccessarily cover all of a country, you can be living (Home QTH) outside of any SOTA region. Where there is only one association within a country, the decision is clear however in countries with more than one region, such as Germany with both DL and DM associations, is their any rule which one, one should be registered in?

I have registered in DL, simply as the majority of the activations I have made have been in DL however as I have now moved further west than when I first arrived in Germany, both DM and DL summits are around the same distance from me. I am not in either a DM or DL region, as there are no qualifying summits around here.

The system allows to you register under any association, as shown by I3VAD who is regstered in the DL association and is shown as the leading chaser in the Chaser Role of Honor. Perhaps he is a Germany based Italian?


It doesn’t matter. Pick whichever you fancy to get highest in the honour rolls!

Probably dates from before we had an Italian association and he hasn’t bothered to change it.

Well he gets 90 days as DL/I3VAD then he needs to get a German call sign or he’s pirating. Or maybe he likes being #1 DL chaser?

Hi Andy,
That prompts an evil thought… Maybe I could re-register in the VK9 association and be king of the kids?


Hi Ron,
The other option is (if not in an active SOTA region) to register in the XXX no association yet section - it’s amazing how many different callsign countries are in there at the moment, with many of them now with an assocaition, but these could indeed be people who have not bothered to update when an asociation was started. I was “king of that castle” for a while, when I was chasing (as VK2JI) before the VK2 association was set-up.

In conclusion from Andy’s input - it doesn’t actually matter which association someone is registered in. As SOTA is an award scheme, one in competing to increase one’s own score so I can see that apart from statistical reports, the registered association is not that important.

I’ll leave myself in DL.

73 Ed.

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