Whernside G7LAS/P activation clarification

As usual I was totally organised for yesterday’s activation of Whernside and printed out masses of detail about the summit before the day.

However, also as usual, I forgot to take all this to the summit! While throughout the activation I insisted I was on Whernside (NP-004) - at a couple of points there was confusion about whether this was Great Whernside (NP-008).

Whernside G/NP-004 is indeed correct and apologies if there was any confusion around this one… I have the photo evidence of the trig point just in case anyone doubts this! ;)))

I think the confusion mostly stems from the fact that before the activation I didn’t realise the ‘great’ version existed and therefore when someone said “you’re up Great Whernside then” I didn’t correct them. It was only when, half way through the activation that 2E0RWB (I think) pointed me in the right direction that the potential issue clicked with me!

Many thanks,


In reply to G7LAS:
…and the irony is; Whernside is bigger than Great Whernside…