Where to find winter bonus information

…or, it should have one, and what’s been submitted to the MT is incorrect. In which case it can be fixed.

Would this help ?



The full score information, including bonus, can be found on any summit’s database page. This means going through the lists of associations and regions here (which lists only current summits) or using the database search page which will also give you retired summits.

Either way, for your Rainy summit you arrive here. As you can see no bonus is given.

Now, the bonus elevation that has been set internally is 899 m. That corresponds, with some rounding, to 2950 feet. Rainy Mountain is just short of this, so it doesn’t get a bonus.

However, that’s not the bonus level quoted in the ARM, which is, as you say, 2500 feet. So far as I can see this discrepancy dates from the W4G start up. It will have to be resolved. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

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The bonus height in the data used to load the database is 899m and the summit in question is 898m hence no bonus. Interesting to note the ARM states a different bonus starting height to the actual height used and in 1384 W4G activations and 7 years of W4G, nobody has noticed this discrepancy until now.

It is even wierder than that, Andy! As Richard quotes above, the ARM says:
" Min. height for bonus: During the bonus period an additional 3 points will be
awarded to peaks scoring 6 points or more, or for
activations above 2500ft." But the lower boundary for 6 points is 2950 feet, just a smidgeon above 899 metres, so the ARM gives two different bonus heights!


Check your QRZ email. I sent you the ones I have downloaded.