Where have they gone?

I’ve noticed that OM7DX and OM7OM, who used to be regular chasers, have disappeared from all my logs since late last year.
Does anyone know if they are still active and OK?
It’s strange not to hear their regular calls.
Maybe they’ve just taken a break from SOTA (and resumed normal life!).


In reply to G4ISJ:

Hi Pete,
As the OMs you mention are my neighbours from accross the Carpathian, and the calls seem familiar, I consulted my log.
I worked OM7DX on 40 meters from SP/BZ-005 on March 6th this year. He was using his special birthday call OM73DX. So I guess all is fine with him. My last contact with Milan OM7OM was in September 2012.


Marcin SQ9OZM

I too worked Stefan fairly recently as OM73DX. His QRZ page shows a contact on 30th March 2013. Milan’s QRZ page shows a contact with VE3LFS at 0524 this morning!