Where do you get the time!

I am looking around the reflector and see the activations at the moment.

Where do you all get the time! I wish I had the opportunity to get out during the week, during the day, to go for a walk in the hills.

Any tips?


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Retire or work 12 hour shifts like I do and get more days off.

Best regards Steve GW7AAV

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Weekends only for me Bernard, I have a crust to earn during the week. But I monitor the reflector from work. Lot’s free time today at work, the compute farm is on a go slow and a 20minute compile has taken 3 hours so far! Now getting paid to browse is quite a good wheeze, but the wx is glorious outside and the weekend wx looks awful, so I’d rather be out now and work at the weekend. Sadly it’s not to be.


There are many solutions Bernard.

  • early mornings on the way to work
  • late afternoons/evenings on the way home from work
  • self-employment (you choose when you put the hours in)
  • teaching (13 weeks holidays)
  • being a child (similar hours to above!)
  • organise/agree your weekend expeditions in advance and put them in your diary
  • take a headtorch and do night-time activations (best on already familiar hills)
  • activate in unusually occurring ‘time windows’ (eg when not at ‘normal’ work due to being away on a course, and an opportune 2/3 hours pops up somewhere)
  • put an extra line on the lottery

You just need to have a keen eye for those little windows of opportunity in the working week!


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Hello Tom/Andy/Steve,

yes all of those ideas are pretty good ones…not all are possible unfortunately.

However, the unusual occuring time windows one is a possibility now, as I was very happy to read that Finland was joining SOTA.

I go to Finland, mainly Helsinki, and nearby Espoo regularly with work and I would love to maybe meet up with some Finnish OPs to try some activations.

I’ll keep this in mind when they join in April, which conincidentally is when my next trip there is organised for.

Night-time activations may bring worry/distress to the YL (depending on if there is an argument or not :slight_smile: ).

I’ll have to buy some OS maps of Dublin and see if I could sneak in something on the QT.

thanks for the ideas.