When will there be a SOTA Association on South Island, New Zealand?

I am aware that there is an Association in ZL1 - North Island of new Zealand (Constituted: 1 December, 2015). I am inquiring about the possibility that an Association encompassing South Island of New Zealand is in planning?

Thank you for any information, as I am planning to visit New Zealand sometime in the next year or two, and it would be nice if there was a SOTA Association on South Island, where most of the really big / alpine peaks are.


From recent discussions, I understand the survey work is under way. The survey team will be able to give more details but the main reason for the extra time is that there are so many summits. You will have plenty to choose from.

Andrew vk1da

It has been submitted but may take a few months to start yet.

We’ve passed the half-way mark on checking. It will likely be several months yet, but well worth the wait! There are so many nice mountains of all shapes and sizes, a good number of walking trails and many many mountain huts (Ok, some of them look little more than a garden shed!).

The best I can say is “soonish”, the work is well along but there are about 3,700 summits to deal with, so it adds up to a lot of checking. I think it is safe to say that if your visit isn’t too imminant then the Association will have gone live.


As others have said just a few months away. Theres a lot of summits to check but the wait will be worth it. (Association manager for zl).

Thank you to all that responded to my question about SOTA on South Island of New Zealand. I haven’t checked the reflector in some time…

In any event, I look forward some day soon to my first visit to New Zealand, and hopefully some Activations while there!

Thank you to all that are working on setting up the Association in New Zealand!

73, Mark, K7MAS