What's gone wrong?


I uploaded the log of my chasing activity and found something that I do not understand. The entered reference is correct, otherwise the data entry procedure would have rejected it. This was the first time, I worked Peter with LX/OE5RTP/p callsign, thus it is not a duplicate QSO. Therefore (as per the summit DB) it should count 6 points. Even if so, the application scored it for 0 (zero) points.

Here you are the questioned record of my chaser log:
14/Oct/2010, 12:43, HA5CW, LX/OE5RTP/P, LX/LX-002, Grengenwald, 7MHz, SSB, 0, 10536
(In order to provide ease of interpreting I separated the fields by a comma plus a space manually.)

What has gone wrong? What did I do wrong?

73: Joska, HA5CW


Your chaser log shows that LX/OE5RTP/P was the second activator you worked on Grengenwald today.

73, Tom M1EYP

In reply to HA5CW:

At 11:49 you have a QSO with DL3SBA/P on 7 MHz SSB with a summit reference of LX/LX-002. That gave you the correct four points for that summit today. So, as far as the software is concerned, your 12:43 QSO appears to be a duplicate.

I assume that you entered the incorrect reference for DL3SBA/P.

Not sure where you get the idea that LX-002 is worth six points. Both the database and SOTAwatch clearly show it as four points.

73 de Les, G3VQO

In reply to G3VQO:
Thanks, Les

Both of your findings are right. I deleted the wrong reference QSO with DL3SBA and program immediately re-scored the non-scored LX/OE5RTP/p QSO by 4 points. Thanks your your assistance. (And that of M1EYP Tom.) Shame on me, that I did not find the fault myself!

73: Joska, HA5CW

In reply to G3VQO:
Hi Les.

This raises an interesting point and something I haven’t tested on the database. Apologies also if it has been raised and answered before. Here is the example:

Unusually, I work M1EYP/P on G/SP-015 on, say, 144MHz SSB. Later the same day, I work Tom on the same summit but on CW. I assume the database will score zero points for the second QSO as it is a “duplicate” even though on a different mode (?). If so, does this zero score carry through to my CW points if I use the “mode” filter when checking my chaser score on CW only. If so, presumably the answer is either to work Tom on CW first or do not upload the SSB QSO but in either case the SSB chaser score is now suffering?



In reply to G3WPF:

If so, does this zero score carry through to my CW points if I use the
"mode" filter when checking my chaser score on CW only.

Looks like it does, at least this his how it works with two QSOs on different bands. On 08/Apr/2010 I worked Mirek OK1UBM/P on OK/ST-044, first on 145 FM and then on 433 FM. If you filter chasers results for OK - 2010 - 433MHz, you will see me there with one QSO and zero points.

73, Marek

In reply to OK9HAG:
Thanks Marek.

I guess that means that only the listing without filters is likely to be truly correct unless a station manipulates their log or makes the QSOs to obtain credit for a particular band/mode. It doesn’t really matter to me. I mainly operate CW. Despite scurrilous comments to the contrary I do have a microphone. It’s just that it is buried beneath the dust and empty fish and chip papers on the floor in the shack and so is difficult to find ;>). The key, however, is always next to the rig!



In reply to G3WPF:

As a few activators that activate on several bands will know, if conditions & time permits I will try to work an activator on as many bands as possible. This of course means that if I enter each of my chaser qso’s individually that the 2nd qso & any subsequent qso’s with that activator or another activator on the same summit will appear in my log on the database as being possible duplictates & score 0 points.

As it can sometimes be several months before I get around to updating my chaser log, entering each qso individually would take an unfeasably long time so I upload my chaser log as a csv file. I seem to recall that when using this method the database will automatically omit any qso’s it thinks are “dupes”, hence despite the fact that I may have worked an activator on several bands / modes, only the first qso will appear in the database.

For this reason I usually pick just one qso to include in the file I upload. This choice would be based on several factors, but I would normally include a contact that was in some way unusual, for example, a 70cms cw qso would be entered rather than a 2mtr fm qso. Of course any qso I have on 160m cw most definitely will be included :slight_smile:

My most used mode as a chaser would be SSB, followed by FM, so CW contacts are still a rarity in my log, although they are becoming more frequent :slight_smile:

Best 73,

Mark G0VOF