What's going on here ..?

Sun 09:49 MMOFMF/P on GM/SS-221 21.0625 cw
*Spot[MMOFMF]: qrv now (Posted by SMS)
Check out this spot, the Zero is an O and it is coming up as Gareth…??

Steve MW0BBU.

In reply to MW0BBU:

Interesting Steve. M0MOL is Gareth so I wonder whether it’s ignoring the number in the prefix and just doing it’s best to identify on a partial???

Karen 2E0XYL

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Hi Karen,
Don’t know, maybe it’s a new Gremlin…


In reply to MW0BBU:

Ah… that’s a typo in the SMS registry. I was using up some credit on an old PAYG SIM and I typed in a mismash of my callsign. Sorted now. Can’t explain the bad name lookup, that’s nothing to do with me.


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I’ve not posted any spots for ages…
There’s a spot later on that has the correct syntax and shows the op as Andy…

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PHEW… Thought I should have been somewhere I’m definitely not :smiley:

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Hi Andy,

Fine job, just thought it worth mentioning in case someone had a “spoon in the muck” so to speak…

Steve MW0BBU.