Whatever happened to WFF?

On a topic tangential to SOTA, whatever happened to WFF?

Some years ago, many SOTA participants also participated in the WFF award programme, at least to the extent that their logs were submitted to the master database. At that time the UK representative for WFF was Charles M0OXO, probably best described as well-meaning but out of his depth. Some time ago he withdrew from active participation as the UK conatct point, although his website still carries significant WFF-related content.

Similarly, in those days there was a way of finding one’s notional WFF score on the database (similar to SOTA) for those interested enough. It seems that there was a falling-out within the WFF MT, and, since then the whole thing seems moribund.

To fill the resultant void, many countries took over the reins for themselves, and both expanded and promoted participation within their borders. Thus, to the outsider watching on Cluster, it seems that WFF is a live and well, whereas in truth it is a set of similar, but unrelated, awards from various countries.

So, to the thrust of this question. Can anybody tell me if there is any suggestion of a revival of the UK-based scheme? If so, who is the contact point, and how are logs submitted if appropriate? Additionally, is there any prospect of the united WFF database returning in the future? The website has been saying “Coming soon” for a considerable time now!

Whilst I was never a major participant in WFF, it was always a handy way to drum up QSOs, especially on the HF bands, by announcing the GFF number. Whilst it still works, it seems rather unfair if the callers are denied their score due to UK logs not reaching the master database.

Thanks in advance for any information.

73 de Les, G3VQO

Morning Les,

Andrew M6ADB is now the UK contact. But it is a confusing situation. It is now called WWFF - World-wide Flora & Fauna - and has a shiny new website, forum and logsearch etc. But the old WFF44 Yahoo discussion group still seems active with the “old guard”. So whether WFF has become WWFF, or if WWFF is a breakaway splinter, I am still unsure.

One thing is for sure - a calling FF from a summit now does not get anything like the attention or pile-up that it used to. It turns out the the founders of the original WFF were the Russian Robinson Club who some may remember from their presentations at RSGB Convention 2011. At that event I approached these guys and sounded them out about getting SOTA going in parts of RA and UA9. I hadn’t realised at the time that they were behind WFF and were already helping themselves to the SOTA lists, without permission, for their World Mountain Award!

I suspect interest in WFF/WWFF generally is much reduced since the spate of expensive awards that were paid for and never delivered.


In reply to G3VQO:
Hello to you all
Yesterday I was on a summit which is not in the SOTA database and worked a FFF-1227. I met 2 sota and 1 dlff
Nice sunny day and the joy to work hams.
Andre - f5ukl

In reply to M1EYP:

It is now called WWFF - World-wide Flora & Fauna - and has a shiny new
website, forum and logsearch etc.

Thanks for the info Tom. I checked-out the shiny new website, and, confusingly, the link for GFF takes me back to one of M0OXO’s pages! I suspect that a lot of work still remains to be done if WWFF is going to be a viable, high-profile award programme.

I think that I will ignore GFF for the time being, but will try to get more involved in FFF, a well-run, stand-alone, programme. There are numerous opportunities within an hour’s drive of the Tunnel (unlike SOTA with just one!), including some still un-activated. As I’m trying to gain a DXCC award from France, to be my third country, I may be heard more frequently from the Pas-de-Calais over the next few months.

73 de Les, G3VQO

In reply to M1EYP:

Andrew M6ADB, even :slight_smile: But thanks for the update Tom.

WWFF is an attempt by the various national coordinators to get things back on track, and to enjoy radio without the politicking. And to focus on the core Flora&Fauna award, not the veritable cornucopia of money making awards that was proposed.

The “split” was as a legacy of the paid for and never delivered awards, and a belief by the “global” coordinators that nothing was wrong. But even the RRC have disowned Valery RG3GW and have ejected them from their membership.

The legacy WFF consists of a small number of peeps - although cluster spots still tend to say WFF rather than WWFF :frowning:

In reply to G3VQO:

I will ignore GFF for the time being

Hopefully you won’t… most UK SOTA summits (the Cloud excepted, despite Tom’s best efforts) are within protected areas, so have valid GxFF references

On my ToDo list is to cross-ref tose SOTAs to GxFFs…

But (an incomplete) KML file can be found at m6adb.me.uk/wwff.kml


Are you any closer working through your to-do list Andrew, to considering the countryside NT sites (like The Cloud, which has FB flora & fauna) for possible inclusion in the list of GFF areas?