What a good day for chasing


Sunday certainly was a good day for chasing Sotas.

26 wkd at 138 Points scored new personal record for me.

All on SSB with 10w and the home brew loop for 40m F/W

Yet prior to 10:30hrs utc anything less than 1000k not being heard on 20m.
Till afterwards less than 1000km to 700km signals started coming in nicely on 20m

Inter G and GW also very strong signals wkd on 40m

Happy bunny


Well done Karl.
It looks like you and your 10w into your home brew loop antenna are doing the job very nicely.
Thank you for chasing me on Sunday when I was at Mt. Larrazpil EA2/NV-177.
Glad to have you back in the log as I had not logged a QSO with you since last July 28th.
Have you thought about giving CW a chance?
You would even chase much more and CW would let you do even better with your 10w.
I’ll be looking forward to being chased by you on CW some day soon.
Best 73 de Guru


Indeed a very good day for SOTA. During activations in DM/RP on Sunday, I lost de little cable for the external power supply for my KX1. Hence working with max. 1.5 W into my W3EDP, 84’ wire in a tree and a counterpoise of about 17’.
Lots of QSO’s over Europe. Top was a QSO with Phil VE1WT in Nova Scotia. It made the SOTA Sunday even better.

73 de geert pa7zee

Cheers folks

Learnt one letter so far and it stuck .-
next one due shortly i will get there one day

But under one challenge at moment and hopefully by jan feb next year to reach that goal under currant licence and station conditions.

1.5w wow thats good going and into VE too certainly good going.

Mind you forgot one thing
Big thanks to all the activator.s making this hobby possible.


The interesting thing is that I could hear you, Karl, and a number of other UK chasers on 20 metres - sometimes I could hear you better than I could hear the activator! Short skip at the same time as good DX conditions certainly made the pile-ups more interesting, but it showed that we have a few poor operators, too! Saturday was very good, too, though I have less time available on Saturdays than Sundays.

Things often go a bit quiet in November as the winter bonus season approaches, not much sign of it yet this year!


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As an activator I always thought this, I can get cold and wet in November, or I can wait a month and still get cold and wet with additional points. The key was always safety, I must admit that now I have the MG, I am going to be waiting till I get one of those winter days where the ground is frozen and you have clear blue skies!

March was always my favourite month for SOTA, however this year I managed some in April and May which was most pleasant.

Sorry for the thread hijack

Matt G8XYJ

Funny that times i hear many a mid uk stations calling chasers on 20m is good to hear .

As for Nov last year was my first I thought it would die off during winter period but it did not as Nov was just as busy as Dec last year to my surprise as last Nov as started in Aug late of sota chasing and by Nov was in me first 1k sloth.,

Hijacked thread don’t look at it like that, its a variant on what was first writing in other words gone off on a tangent to the normal :smile:

They aren’t too plentiful but when you get them they stick in your mind! One of my favourite memories is a winter day out on GW/NW-012 Cadair Berwyn in pre-SOTA days, a clear blue day with a few inches of snow lying. As the sun got close to the horizon it was a blazing orange and every little projection in the snow was highlighted in vivid orange, every hollow was blue. Unforgettable! One day I’ll find the slides and scan them. I also remember a different sort of day on the Nantlle Ridge, as we started to trudge up Craig Cwm Silyn the drizzly rain changed firstly into sleet and then into snow, and as there was little wind it was most enjoyable, a winter wonderland, with every rise and twist in the ridge emerging out of the snowfall as a series of surprises! It just goes to show that an unpromising looking day can give a treasured memory. That would be a fun one to repeat with an activation both ends of the ridge and conditions like this last weekend!



Well we didn’t have frozen ground today, but the rooves where white, I had ice on the windows/roof of my car (needed the heated seat on as the leather was cold on the bum too) and the sky is a lovely blue with a big burning ball of yellow. Lovely and fresh, ideal walking weather.


These days always seem to come when I am sat at work, currently on break time!!

The weekend will invariably deliver a grey, damp, miserable day.

I am planning to wait till a crisp winter day and start the assault on the 1 pointers in South and Mid Wales that I am missing.

Must ring Geoff and see if he is keen.


Matt G8XYJ

Yes, I’m stuck in the office fighting with MS signtool getting some USB drivers signed so they install on 64bit Windows. Not helped by the PAT guy being in the office doing the safety checks on mains cables etc. I’ve got 4 different laptops on my desk right now, my main one, a Linux one running Umbongo, a gash Win7 one (doesn’t matter if I gub the installation that’s its purpose) and another Win7 one that behaves differently when it sees unknown USB devices. 4 PSUs, a 100mb hub, an Android charger, 2x 24in LCDs. That’s 8 things to test, plus extension cables. Plus the hidden Linux machine that is the office MP3 server (which of course doesn’t exist officially after we got told off by IT for running a VM on the test gear that was streaming server!)

Though really I’m checking out info on activating in EA8 with James M0JCQ but don’t tell anyone. :slight_smile:

most probably located in the folder ‘to delete when audit’ :innocent:

I wish December would come sooner as I am running out of 1 pointers within a days drive. I think I have enough to last me through to 1st Dec.

Karl - great to make the journey with you yesterday on all 3 of the SSB summits. You are certainly putting out a good signal.

73 Glyn

[quote=“G4CFS, post:13, topic:11895”]
Karl - great to make the journey with you yesterday on all 3 of the SSB summits. You are certainly putting out a good signal

Good to catch you too.
Not bad little station with me home 40m f/w brew loop and 10w
Mind you being on top of this hill helps.