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WF4I 10,000 Chaser Points

Congratulations Derek on achieving Super Sloth.

Jimmy M0HGY

many congratulations Derek, quite an achievement.

               Bob  KU4R

Congrats Derek - you certainly worked hard for it. I appreciate all the text messages knowing that you will be waiting.

Ariel NY4G

Congratulations, Derek!

Walt NE4TN

Congratulations Derek! And thanks for all the contacts.

Malcolm VE2DDZ

That takes much work and success., Congrats!

73 Paula k9ir

Congratulations Derek! Bob AC1Z

Hearty congratulations, Derek,
You’ve chased me once so far and I’ve chased you once too.
I’ll be looking forward to increasing these numbers both ways.


Congratulations, Derek, and thanks for the contacts (and the cw repeats, I’m sure)!
Peter, KD0YOB

Awesomeness Derek! Congratulations for that big milestone!


Well done Derek! You da 60 meter man!
Scott kw4jm

Congratulations Derek!!

Nice job! Congrats!

Congratulations Derek! Thanks for the many QSO’s!

Keith KR7RK

Congratulations Derek! Job well done.
Johnpaul // AB4PP

UDerek, congratulations on achieving 10,000 Chaser points! I’ve enjoyed 16 chases from you over the past few years while I’m up on the summits and look forward to many more!


Paul K9PM

Derek, congrats on achieving the distinguished title of “Super Sloth”.

73, Woody/K1LB

Ken, K6HPX

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Good Job! Glad to make my small contributions to your efforts.
Dean ~ K2JB

Congrats. Derek on your 10K Super Sloth. Also for many points from your activations. All the best De Scotty