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Wendover Woods G/CE-005 inc. a S2S :-)


Well I wanted to fill an hour or so and try a different activation spot on CE-005 from last time and learn a bit more about activating in general.

Once again it was not so easy on 2m FM even though I had selected a spot within the activation zone with a nice clear take off to the North. My main problems were lack of stations and, when they did pop up, I was getting terrible densensing of my VX5.

Thanks to the stations that did work me and for trying to rustle up some others… those being M0JDK, G0NES and G4JZF.

I was about to nip off to the local repeater and drag someone on to simplex when I heard another portable station pop up on 145.475 as I was wafting my beam around in my hand… so I was rather chuffed to complete my activation with a S2S with MW0VMC/P on Pen y Fan… my first ever S2S QSO.

I made a pigs ear of guying the pole and hence ended up using the beam handheld for the last QSO…

I really must get HF portable (and/or 2m SSB too)…

73 Marc G0AZS


In reply to 2E0HJD:
Hi Marc,

Your sigs caused some quieting in my rx but R0 I’m afraid. Just to echo Mick’s comments and also Richard, G4ERP, elsewhere, if you can activate on 2m SSB, there are quite a number of chasers up and down the country who will do their best to work you




Hi Chris

Sorry not to make the contact. I have resolved to lug my 706 up to the Woods and try that when I get a suitable battery.

If I do that I’ll try 2m CW and SSB… and then sort out an HF antenna too.

I certainly wont use the VX5 in that spot again… it was completely useless for short periods. Strange that I didnt get that problem when I was right next to the trig point last time I activated Wendover Woods. Maybe it’s a new source of RF neaby… or my excellent take off also meant excellent interference… hi

73 Marc G0AZS