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Welsh invasion of GM 2008

It is nearly that time again and GW7AAV, GW7AAU and three fifths of the tribe are setting off from the relative safety and comfort of CQ town for the wilds of Scotland. Week one we are in Selkirk NT494268 and week two in Dumfriesshire NX853838.

Intended summits are…

Week one

SS-214 Eildon Hill
SS-212 Meigle Hlll
SS-118 Wisp Hill
SS-136 Pikehaw Hill
SS-208 White Meldon

Week two

SS-274 See Morris Hill
SS-072 Queensberry
SS-130 Ciffel
SS-273 Highwood Hill
SS-245 White Top of Culreoch

We intend to activate from Sunday 17th Aug, then every other day but the weather will be the limiting factor so things are going to be flexible. If we have coverage I now have mobile broadband so hopefully I can update the alerts.

If anyone has any information on any of these summits such as route or GPS data please can you email me asap. My email is correct on QRZ.com.

Intended frequencies 3.666 SSB, 5.3985 SSB, 7.090 & 7115 SSB, 14.285 SSB 28.490 SSB, 145.450 FM, and 144.320 SSB

We will have both the FT-857 with up to three 7Ah SLA batteries and the FT-817 with its own 3Ah SLA so if needed we can run up to 100 watts on HF and 50 watts on 2m if conditions are poor. Antennas will be a linked dipole and a three element SOTAbeam.

I will also be QRV from the cottages in the evenings and intend to operate on 60 and 80 metres (5.3985 & 3.666) which may be of interest to WAB collectors and the like or anyone who wants to know what we are doing next day.

Regards Steve GW7AAV