Well done Karen, 2E0XYL

On activating GW/NW-045 yesterday, Karen completed activating all 76 North Wales summits. Well done on activating so many tough summits.

Many thanks for so many s2s.

73 Mike

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My congratulations also, Karen.

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Congratulations Karen!


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well done karen.
great job.

Congratulations Karen on activating all of the GW/NW SOTA summits.

Jimmy M0HGY

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Wow that is some accomplishemnt. Well done Karen !

73 Andrew G4AFI

Hi Karen

Well done and I’m pleased to have been part of that achievement yesterday.


Allan GW4VPX

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Well done karen on such a great mile stone all the best,
Dave M3XIE

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Many congratulations Karen. You are much more intrepid (and fitter) than me. I’m still trying to complete SOUTH Wales which is just a tad lower - and not quite as many summits!!


Viki M6BWA

Well done Karen.
Keep it up.
David g6lkb

Impressive achievement Karen. I remember when Shirley MW0YLS became the first NW “completer” quite a few years ago, but there haven’t been many in between - it’s a big ask. Despite my 11 years of regular SOTA activating I am nowhere near and will have to confront my demons on Tryfan in order to achieve it.

I wonder what region is next for a target completion Karen? With something as significant as GW/NW under your belt, all the rest in England and Wales should be a doddle! (Well apart from the well-known “nemisis” in GW/MW!).

73, Tom M1EYP

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(Well apart from the well-known

“nemisis” in GW/MW!).

Which one is that, Tom?

Very glad to se that you are busy on the summits again.


An enviable achievement, Karen, not because of the score, but because of the wonderful hills climbed and the wonderful views experienced.

Good luck with the next “completion”!


Brian G8ADD

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Congratulations Karen, a great achievement!

Roger mw0idx

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Well done Karen. My legs are feeling tird at the thought!

73 Jeff G4ELZ

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Well Done Karen…You just pipped me at the post…I only have another 75 to do.


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Congratulations Karen

  Colin G4UXH

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Well Done Karen…You just pipped me at the post…I only have
another 75 to do.

Unfortunately Russ, you need to do all 76. I missed your activation of GW/NW-061 Y Golfa and that’s one that I still need :wink:

73 Mike

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Thanks Mike. Thanks everyone, it’s been a great pleasure to work you all either S2S and or in the shack from different summits. The chasers have certainly been my reward (and a welcome rest) on the tops, especially if there were no views :slight_smile: Sometimes it was also nice to know I was not completely alone up there when the weather closed in.

Neil (2E0TDX) has climbed 51 of the 76 with me at least once but other commitments have kept him busy so it was either a case of give up or go solo - it was great to have his company for my final 2 NW summits yesterday.

NW hills are the easiest area for me to access from the Wirral, so there will be plenty more, but now I can choose the ones I want to repeat. It’s true what other have said - by working through them all you discover delightful hills, some of them 1 pointers, that you would probably never have walked up otherwise.

Many thanks to Barry MW0IML who was kind enough to accompany me up four of the lower VHF ‘black hole’ summits SW of Dolgellau, offering his HF station as back up if required - in the end all were qualified on VHF fm, although Gamallt was looking doubtful at one stage when after half an hour of calling I had only managed to work Ricky MW6GWR who I could see on the adjacent summit (I finally managed to work one of the Marconi field day group camped in Tywyn followed by a few more including David M0YDH who had joined us on NW-063 that morning - thanks lads). I also had Barry’s company up NW-028 and NW-037 and also the company of Rob G0PEB on that superb expedition to Ynys Enlli.

G8ADD "wonderful hills climbed and the wonderful views experienced"
You are absolutely right Brian - colleagues at work say “and you call that a holiday” in incredulous tones and I try to tell them that they need to just climb one hill, even a small one, to experience the exhilaration and the views (ignore the aches & pains & the clag hihi) and they might begin to understand!

M1EYP " I remember when Shirley MW0YLS became the first NW “completer” quite a few years ago, but there haven’t been many in between"
You surprise me Tom. I thought there would have been loads.

M1EYP " I will have to confront my demons on Tryfan in order to achieve it"
Tom, I put Tryfan off for ages and when we were finally ready to take the plunge Neil had to work at the last minute, so I went solo. I wanted to do the North Ridge but wouldn’t risk that on my own and to be honest had my doubts as to whether I would be able to anyway. I parked in the layby by Llyn Ogwen below Milestone Buttress, from where I think Tryfan looks particularly daunting, and started to make my way up towards the start of the North Ridge ascent before carefully heading over the rocks around to Heather Terrace. I took my time and worked my way around to the col between the Far South Peak and the summit. The col to the summit I made much quicker progress and actually found the easiest part - there was only 1 step that had any real exposure on this stretch and the step was small and the rocks solid, it was just that you could see right down to the side at that point (just get Jimmy to tell you and don’t look down - it is possible to avoid it by going further to the left if you have to. I just made a mental note for the way back. It was a hot day and I was particularly slow, taking great care on my own and it took me 3.5 hours to the summit including a half hour lunch stop - for me parts of Heather Terrace were the worst. I descended pretty well the way Jimmy has planned his ascent - back to the col and down to Llyn Bochlwyd (I went across the boggy bit beneath Bochlwyd Buttress to get back to the car - I think back to Idwal Cottage is nicer). I really don’t think you’ll have any problems that way (but I wouldn’t recommend the leap from Adam to Eve hihi).

Anyway Tom, Tryfan is really nowhere near as bad as I feared so take your time and enjoy! I will do it again - maybe one day I might even manage the North Ridge although I only just made it up Swirral Edge (the easy one) in high winds before vertigo and fear totally overwhelmed me. (As a result I’ve realised I will now never be able to do Striding Edge, Sharp Edge or Crib Goch - if only I’d taken up this hobby years ago before developing vertigo).

I would very much like to complete LD next and do a few Wainwrights along the way. I don’t think the rest of England and Wales, as far as completion goes, is on my list - far too difficult on VHF FM and I don’t particularly like bogs, peat hags or vast expanses of moorland! Also travelling further with the menagerie at home (and fuel) is not easy, so I’ll just do the odd summit from time to time.

Look forward to working you all from many more summits in the future.


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Hi Karen,

Congratulations on completing all of the North Wales summits.

73’s Geoff GM4WHA