Well done Jack, GM4COX

Congratulations to Jack GM4COX on passing 2000 activator points.
I know there are a number of particularly difficult 1 and 2 pointers included in the 2000 points so well done Jack.
Hope to catch you many times on the next 2000 !!!

Best 73,
Robin, GM7PKT.

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Indeed, well done Jack, double mountain goat, well deserved. Looking forward to the next 2000!


Colwyn MM0YCJ

great achievement Jack well done and keep up the good work


Congratulations Jack.

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Well done indeed Jack, Thanks for all the contacts both S2S & from my home location :slight_smile:

Thanks & best 73,

Mark G0VOF

Very well done Jack - an excellent achievement indeed!

For some unexplained reason, the second thousand seems to be harder than the first, so please give me some encouragement when we next speak. :slight_smile:

73, Gerald G4OIG

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Very well done Jack. I’m glad to see you past 2000 on the nicer of the two Meall Bhuides.

I have to agree with Gerald, the 1st 1000 pts are easier than the next.

Jack was my 1st ever SOTA QSO back in 2006. That QSO taught me valuable lesson about SOTA operating and that is a QSO with Jack can well exceed the capacity of an 817 battery pack!


Hi Jack

Congratulations on your achievement. Thanks for all the chaser points and those s2s contacts
Looking forward to the next one.


Allan GW4VPX

Very well done Jack,thanks for all the chaser points you have given me over the years. 73 Don.G0RQL.

Great achievement Jack!
Keep up the good work and hope to catch you many more times to come.

In reply to GM7PKT:

Excellent stuff Jack, good luck with the next 2000 and looking forward to working you again soon

73 de Paul G4MD

Well done Jack, always good to talk and talk and talk to you. :wink:

Here’s to many more QSO’s with you chasing or activating.

73 Neil 2M0NCM

P.S. can’t wait for the light mode!

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Great achievement Jack! Nice to have worked you S2S on a few occasions from GM land and Northern G.


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Many congratulations Jack.
Look forward to catching up with you again soon.

Karen 2E0XYL

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Congratulations Jack, well done and I look forwards to catching you agn soon



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Hi Robin - et al!

Thanks very much for the congrats – much appreciated. Yes I tried to sneak the 2K under the ‘radar’ but Robin caught me out – hi!

And what a nice peak to achieve my current total – grassy fairly gentle slopes, a lovely day with wall-to-wall sunshine and ‘cracking’ views of Rannoch, Nevis, Alder and the snowy Cairngorms (checkout my GM4COX - Callsign Lookup by QRZ Ham Radio for some pics).

A slight down side was I had to return the same way that I accessed the summit (I try to make circuits of routes if possible). My intended return would have taken me through an area of hill that was being used for stalking. I had a chat with one of the keepers before I headed off and showed him my intended route, to which he indicated where they would be stalking which encompassed my return route. I said that I would keep to my access route for my return which would keep me away from their stalking activities (and the possibility of having my head blown off (:>) The chap thanked me for my consideration. Folks have to make a living after all!!

Interestingly the first K took just over three and half years – Spt 2002/May 2006 with some 96000M of elevation & 1800Km of walking/cycling and this next K has taken over twice as long with 109000M of elevation and 2040Km walking/cycling. As Robin eluded to I was distracted in amassing a large total by completing a lot of single pointers on my personal SS completion quest – south of the Forth & Clyde canal & ‘COMPLETES’ so it just goes to show that although you tackle what you think are fairly ‘lowly’ one pointers they still clock-up a fair bit of distance, effort, car mileage & b***dy forests (Robin knows what I’m on about – hi!).

So now onto the next K, though again I think it will take a wee while as am now off to see if I can complete all the remaining SS’s - again another personal challenge. Wish me well and looking forward to working old and new friends in this superb aspect of our hobby!


Jack (:>J

PS: Andy – now I know why you DECREASED the internal capacity in your 817?! Are you trying to imply something? “Sorry OM have to go QRT the batteries are about to got flat – though great talking to you!!!” (:>)

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Superb Jack,

Well done on attaining 2000 points.

Thanks also for the statistics which highlight the fact that activating in Scotland is appreciably harder than in England. For your 2k pts you have walked/ cycled 3840km which is 570km further than I have walked for my 3.8k pts. Our total metres ascended are almost the same. You need to come down here and relax with us G’s more often!

I don’t know about you but I’m sorry to say that my miles driven to activate has recently exceeded 60,000 which I see as the real down side to SOTA. In fact it’s a sickener.

Good luck with the next 1000. Who knows where that may take you.

73, John.

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Very well done Jack. I’m glad to see you past 2000 on the nicer of the
two Meall Bhuides.

Yes, belated congratulations Jack.

I have to agree with Gerald, the 1st 1000 pts are easier than the

My experience too, though my SOTA trips since Goating seem to have attracted even worse weather than before, and while it takes really bad weather to keep me off the hills, I tend to smaller hills in poor conditions.

I also agree with John’s comments that points are harder to come by in Scotland. I recall stopping off to activate G/NP-003 on the way back from a week in SW Scotland - at 6 points easier than all the 2 & 4 point and most of the 1 point GM summits we had done that week! But Scotland does seem to have an inexhaustible supply of good summits…


Burnhope Seat is also easier than many of the 2 and 4 point hills in England as well though Caroline!


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Well done indeed. Many congratulations and thanks for the contacts and help during our rather premature spring visit to GM.
Rod & Vicki