Weird day on the bands

Activated a new summit W7W/ST-158 today using my trusty MTR 20-30-40 EFHW and the MTR 4Bv2. A lot of stations came back with iffy 33Ns on 30m, completely lost a station on 40m and had one chaser state ‘QRN’ before losing me with a partial QSO. I was surprised to see the band conditions chart show 20-30 as Good when logging my QSOs. 30m was busier than I’d heard it in a while, especially for a weekday.

Anyone else experience odd conditions today?

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Great conditions on 20m this morning / early afternoon from Alberta, Canada 12 contacts, 2 from spain 1 from the netherlands 9 from the USA all 5 watt cw lowest.

73 De VE6JTW, Jesse

Worked EU stations on 20 meters today from four different peaks…last one in the afternoon…so looked pretty good here in Arizona today.


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The solar flux was 100 today, higher than the last several days for sure! There are several sunspot regions on the visible sun, and they’re all contributing to the higher ionization.

There also were a few minor solar flares later on, and these may have had some negative effects on signals during their duration. There is at least one active region about to come over the northeast limb of the sun, and it displayed post-flare loops a few hours ago, indicating a significant flare prior to the loops.

We are in for many ups and downs caused by these active regions on the sun.

I had several strong EU chasers around 1745Z who were loud on 20M - I thought they were NA chasers at first. I didn’t try 15M today, but with the flux above 100, the higher frequencies should be more fun than a few days ago.



I forgot to check the SFI today that would explain a lot.

I tried my setup for Saturday, November 6, again yesterday on sunny DM/BW-018 and had 18 x NA (including CA), 1 x ZL and 1 x YC between 11:20 and 15:20 UT.

Not bad at all.

Weather and conditions can stay like this.

73 Armin


I played on FL/VO-013 on Oct 25. Yes, several US stations, on 14 and 18 MHz. Also a ZL station, all answering my CQ.

I was using 5 Watts, 9 m vertical wire, a 10 m and a 5 m radials connected together, handled by an elecraft T1 tuner. Not a very academic antenna, but conditions were good.

I even worked Armin DL6GCA !


Interesting conditions for sure! Jesse, the Europeans were stronger
than you on the 25th! They were covering you up. And I did work DL6CGA on the 25th also, the only DX activator I could hear. This morning the higher bands are going strong into Europe and Africa, but I couldn’t hear any of the activators. And the close-in American activators are very strong on 20 meters.
73, John, K6YK