Weeked lake trip sat/sun

Up in the Lakes this weekend and hope to gain the points for G/LD-015 last time was a blank for me so hope things are better this time, nothing like getting there and no points hi hi also doing G/LD-009 and hope to get to G/LD-033 if the legs will let me so will be looking out for you all.

I will be doing G/LD-008 and will be doing the ridge route up so I just hope the wind is not to bad but the weather over the weekend in the Lakes looks good.
I will stay on this summit for an hour or so if the Batteries last out and the WX is ok.

I will be setting of around 1000hrs UTC from York today but calling in at Gainford west of Darlington to see a x army mate so will keep an ear open for calls on the way over (145.500-fm)

OK hope to hear you on the air and have a good weekend.