Week-end Tour

Hello SOTA Friends
Gérald (F6HBI) and i (F5LKW) will be active on SOTA Tour.
We will have to use 10Mhz - 18 Mhz because contest (maybe others bands)
On Saturday 12th August:

  • F/AM-784, Plateau Saint Jean - 1751m, 6 Points
  • F/AM-361, Tête du Garnier - 1906m, 6 Points
  • F/AM-352, Tête de Charnaye - 1972m, 6 Points
    If we have enough time, we will activate one more
  • F/AM-780, Lauvet d’Ilonse - 1992m, 6 Points

On Sunday 13th August

  • F/AM-780 if we didn’t active it the day before.
  • F/AM-379, Le Mont - 1792m, 6 Points
  • F/AM-375, Pointe des Quatre Cantons - 1805m, 6 Points
  • F/AM-783, Mont Fracha - 1784m, 6 Points
  • F/AM-386, Mont de Lieuche - 1756m, 6 Points

Of course, if we want to succeed our trip, we have to activate for a short time.
By the way, depending time and condx —> we will QSO between 5 to 10 friends by operator.
Then 20 QSO by summit.

  • Operator 1 —> F6HBI/P Gérald
  • Operator 2 —>F5LKW/P Roger
    Please chasers, we need your concours and listen callsign and REF … QRG 10.122 Mhz +/- QRM.
    Also, you can follow us via RBN …

Thanks again to all for this big fun.

73 QRO
Gérald and Roger


Roger and Gerald,

I will listen for your activations. Good luck.

73, de PA9CW.


Fine Tonnie !
I will get an ear for you !


Gérald and Roger

I will listen to both of yours.
Have fun.


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