Weather and fire dangers in vk2/4

NSW authorities have issued statewide total fire bans for Monday 11 and Tuesday 12 Nov 2019. That means all VK2 State and National Parks will be closed.

The fire threat conditions on Tuesday for the greater Sydney and Hunter regions will be rated Catastrophic by the Bureau of Meteorology.

If you are planning a SOTA or Parks activation during the next two days in vk2 please take note of the warnings from NSW state authorities and please don’t enter National or State Parks.

Stay safe and follow the ACT, NSW and Qld emergency management websites and the Fires Near Me app.

This notice has been sent to the ozsota Australia wide mailing list but is repeated here in case visitors are unaware of the current risks.

Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH
Association manager for vk2


Thanks Andrew for the information update. For a change we in NE Vic do not have any fires (yet). 73 de Geoff vk3sq

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In summer I don’t go to the mountain. CT suffers the same scourge.
In 2017, 106 people died from forest fires. Be careful!

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State of Emergency just declared. For SOTA I think that = Do Not Activate

Agreed. When we are banned from entering a forest, anyone who does so is contravening SOTA rules in any case. But is possibly trying for a Darwin Award. Just don’t do it…

Not a fire related death but VK6/CW-001 Mt.Augustus.

German tourist death. Body found in search for missing German tourist at Mount Augustus in WA’s north | PerthNow Its a very remote but popular hike/climb so this tourist must have got lost and off the normal route. Very hot up there so easy to become a life and death situation. Its on my to do list but probably fly to Europe nearly as cheap as to get to this remote summit.

Sad news but happens so often in Western Australia and not just from tourists. Last week there was a local West Australian guy who left his vehicle and was found dead several days later. Number One rule in Australia if you break down in the outback, stay with your vehicle.

John VK6NU

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that is so true. The map of Australia can fit on a small screen but only at very low resolution! We have all heard of visitors setting out for the Kimberly area from Darwin on a motorbike, without food or water. Obviously no research or preparation.
As a further thought on those lines, the distance from the north to the south of the state of New South Wales is about 1000 km. About the same as Brussels to Barcelona.
Western Australia is a lot bigger than NSW and bigger than Victoria, NSW and Queensland combined. And would swallow California, Texas, Arizona etc in one gulp.
Anyone activating a remote summit in WA is literally taking their life in their own hands.

73 Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH