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Weak signal on S5/BI-005

Today was such a strong wind it was impossible to stand and the work outside impossible. So I went into the hut and taken activation within .2,5 W and Alexloop …

Thanks to all who were “tortured” with my weak signal .

73 de S58R - Rado


Dear Rado,
Thanks for the QSO this morning and the post with the pictures.
It’s very nice to see your shack.
You don’t need to apologize. Magnetic loops are very nice antennas and I’m pretty sure your mag.loop inside the wooden hut was as efficient as it would have been in the outside.
The big difference is you were much warmer and comfortable out of the cold wind, so good choice! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the QSO and nice photo up there. For me 17 m was best band today during local day light and most of stations on 20 m were too weak to copy.

73, Jaakko OH7BF/AC1BB

Thank you boys,

By the way: Alexloop me sometimes pleasantly surprised …
my longest DX on 20 meters is Tasmania VK7CW (over 16,000 km)

HNY and 73 de S58R - Rado

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Hi rado,
If that was an early morning contact around 0800 UTC for example, it would have been a long path contact and actually over 23,000 Kms!

73 Ed.

Hi, Ed

QSO with VK7CW
Date : 15/11/2015 Time : 07:48 Ref : S5/BI-017

73 Rado

Hi Rado,
At that early morning, your time, it sure was a long path contact so even a greater distance.Congrats!

I have a home made mag. loop antenna and I remember how pleased I went to work one day when I got up from bed and right after my morning shower, I worked a station from New Caledonia on 17m on my first single call with my mag. loop in the balcony of my bedroom and just the 5 watts of my FT-817. Radio magic…
Think on a 5 watts lamp and the very poor light it provides. Isn’t amazing that with such little energy our signals can travel that far?
Mag loops are great antennas.
Best 73,


I agree with Guru, Rado, that could ONLY be Long Path at that time - take a look on qrz.com - it’ll give you the long path distance from your home QTH to VK7CW as well as the short path. My guess would be around 23,500 Km with the Alexloop - well done!

73 Ed.

You are right.
But it should be recognized that without excellent “reception ears” VK7CW would not have been QSO. So thanks to him too!

73 Rado