We Need to Protect The Lake District Again!

And the other parks, too!

The National Parks Authorities are being starved of resources and are selling off our beauty spots to make ends meet. For instance Sickle Tarn is up for sale. How does this effect SOTA? More public areas becoming private may well affect our access. Now I’m not a great fan of 38 Degrees, too many of their petitions strike me as trivial or on matters that we have no control over, but this one is worth supporting:


Stop the rot now before they start flogging off SOTA summits!


These sales do not affect access. In fact the requirement to continue existing access and the obligation to provided whatever maintenance is required to enable this may well be proving a turn-off to potential buyers.

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You may be right at present, but I see it as the thin edge of the wedge. And after all, who owns what is being offered for sale?


Ownership wont stop them. My local council sold their offices and included public land. It was proved that they didn’t have the right to sell the public land, but the sale still went through…