WD9F New Shack Sloth

All, while Woody’s wife says he has been a shack sloth for many years he just topped 1000 points today so it is official now. Congrats. Woody got infected just last year with chasing and has done some summits also. He even authored a SOTA article in CQ digital magazine just this month.

Congratulations Woody!

John N0EVH

Congrats Woody!

In reply to N0EVH:
Congrats Woody! Now, you are officially hooked. Don’t have to tell you what a great group this is. By the way; You have a very nice array of qrp equipment, shown on your QRZ page. 72 de Scotty KG3W

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Congrats on achieving Shack Sloth Woody. It sure looks like you’re hooked on SOTA and it’s an easy thing to do. Great article in CQ magazine. Thanks for writing it up. See you next spring at Ozarkcon and we’ll go activate some of those Missouri summits again.

Gary A. - W0MNA


Guess I put you over the top from S. Sandia Peak today. Glad I could do it! Congratulations and thanks for all the contacts.


Mike - ke5akl

In reply to N0EVH: Thanks John for turning me on to SOTA and thanks to all for kind words. I love working all the great ops., the challenge of weak signal work & getting out on the trail too. Thanks to Mike for putting me over 1K today… and, yes John, my YL confirms that “Shack Sloth” is a perfect descriptor for me :-/ 72/73 to all! / Woody / WD9F