WD8KDB 10,000 chaser points

January 1,2023 I hit my goal of 10,000 points. It has taken me a while to get there and hope to keep going. Thanks to all the activators.


Congratulations Steve. Just imagine the stories those activators would tell of all those summits climbed, I know I have a few.
Thanks for all the QSO’s.

Congratulations Steve on achieving Super Sloth.

Jimmy M0HGY

Congrats ! I just hit 5K before the end of the year. Probably another 2.5 years to hit 10K

Congrats on Super Sloth, Steve!
Thanks for all the chases. See you on the next one -
Keith KR7RK

Congratulations Steve! I’m nearly halfway there, but still a long way to go! 73 John G0MHF.

Thanks John, It took awhile, but worth it. Wish I could get across the big pond more.
73 Steve

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Congrats, Steve!


Likewise-not yet crossed the pond via SOTA!