Waterproof reproofing

Think my rain pants need reproofed and my jackets

They were very wet last weekend and have lost the beading of water effect, which made me feel a bit cold “not good”

I need this sorted for higher summits

I used to use Thompson’s water seal on my waterproofs as I got it free,

Trousers are goretex jacket is goretex, also have a couple mountain equip dri-lites which need done

What do u use, I’m in Scotland so I’m interested in what I can get locally

Many thanx

I use Nikwax http://www.nikwax.com/en-gb/products/productdetail.php?productid=3 on my Paramo Analogy jacket, but it is also good for Goretex I think. I’ve also used it to good effect on other fabric outdoor clothing.

It seems rather expensive, but then I only use it once or twice a year - and it is sometimes on offer at around half price at eg Go Outdoors.

It is ruined by detergent, so items treated (and to be treated) should be washed in a soap based cleaner eg Tech wash, made of course by Nikwax… http://www.nikwax.com/en-gb/products/productdetail.php?productid=4



Remember proper nix wax you heated it up and when turned to liquid insert into the leathers bloody good stuff shame they band the stuff but can still get the spray very good stuff


Sounds a bit like this stuff https://www.fjallraven.co.uk/shop/greenland-wax-F79060/

They recomend that you rub the wax on, then hold the trousers over a stove to melt it in - they don’t say whether you should be wearing them at the time… :smile:

Hi Iain,

I have used the Nikwax in the past for my Goretex stuff. It will prevent water from being soaked at the outside nylon fabric (beading effekt). But you can’t fully prevent the soaking from happening in heavy rain. The membrane is supposed to keep the water out.
Btw. under rain conditions all membranes loose their breath-ability so sweat will accumulate inside.

I have used mild tumble dryer conditions to activate the Nikwax as described.

The Fjällraven wax is for their G1000 cotton material to make it water repellent. Goretex will not like that I guess.

73 Joe

Thanx all
Nikwax it is, il nip down to go outdoors

Many thanx

If you are going to put it through the domestic washing machine you will need to do 4 or 5 soapless rinses first. You need to remove traces of biological wasj=hing power and more importantly, fabric conditioner from the machine. My machine has a rinse and spin again option that along with higher water level option, fills with clean cold water and then runs the drum for 5 mins before pumping out and spin. I run this program with nothing inside and once it gets to the spin stage I abort it and restart it. Then I add the stuff to be proofed and the Nikwax proof to the drum, close the draw and do a cold wash with the detergent drawer removed so no traces of detergent etc. get added.

Or do it by hand in the bath.

The mind boggles…

Yeah il rinse a few times before treatments
Many thanx