Watch Croft - G/DC-007 and Carnmenellis - G/DC-006

Activated Watch Croft - G/DC-007 and Carnmenellis - G/DC006 today

Watch Croft - G/DC-007
Parked on the main road and after 20mins chatting with a chap who used to work in Avionics and also as an assistant to a family known for yellow digging machines. I made the 15min walk to the summit.
The path from the main drive by the cottage started off OK and then became a small stream,
At the top I setup for 2m from within the small stone walled area.
Called CQ and managed 2 contacts on 2m. This appeared to dry up so I moved to HF and got two more contacts to get the job done and at a S2S with IK2LEY/P

Packed up and made a move to Carnmenellis via St Ives and Porthreath.

Carnmenellis - G/DC-006
Got dropped off at the entrance to the farm track and made my way up. Through the mud and brambles. There was sort of a track and then moved over to my right to follow the barbed wire fence up the hill.
2m setup and sheltered in the cave like structure.
Called CQ and got 3 contacts then again this dried up.
Switched to HF and got two more contacts, an OH3 station and a DL2 station.

The weather looked like rain was on its way. Packed up and got back to the car. Rain appeared 5 mins later!

That gives me 4 G/DC summits activated.