Just a quick note to say that if anyone was planning to go anywhere near Wasdale in the near future在e prepared. It is very busy.

Lots of people enjoying the fells, which is great, but access is getting harder by the week. Weekdays are no exception.

The usual routes up common fells are very congested, so if anyone was planning and wanted a bit of tranquillity you might want to get up very early :rofl:


I bet the bar is pretty busy, too!

Scarfell Pike G/LD-001 will be the usual magnet for holidaymakers in August.

Even if one activated it (or other honeypot summits in Wasdale) at the crack of dawn - given all the recent media reports about staycationers behaving badly in the Lake District post-lockdown, Ild be worried about double-parking blocking my car once I got back to the car park.


Interesting, I had hoped that things might be calming down Having just completed all of the major GW summits I was considering a week long summit raid on G/LD :disappointed_relieved:

Scarfell Pike is still on my list. I think if I were going to attempt it I would use the corridor route from Seathwaite via Sty Head.

However, for the moment I think I will stay away from the madness

Regards, Mark. M0NOM

That is an excellent route hallowed by tradition, but my favourite is to go up Lingmell Gill to Hollow Stones, easily but under the awe-inspiring crags of Scafell, then at the Mickledoor gap follow the ridge to Scafell Pike. After finishing at the summit you can either reverse the route or finish by the Corridor Route for a terrific circular walk.

I walked from Ennerdale to Wasdale with an overnight at Blackbeck Tarn (where I got woken up at 5:45am by a drone flying over my tarp!). there were at least a dozen different groups of campers we could see. Ennerdale car park and approach roads were full as well.

99% of people are well behaved but there are people staying over night at the green car park to avoid paying the fiver to camp in the proper area. Im sure itll calm down at some point, just not in the near future Im afraid.

Corridor route is generally much quieter @M0NOM. Brown Tongue and Broad Crag are both heaving (which is normal). There are other routes via Great Moss (start at the bottom of Hardknott) that Ive not done but they look a bit steep on the map. They are also much longer, but Great Moss is an unusual place that doesnt seem to get many walkers.

Its on my list too, but not before the schools go back. Nice to be spoilt with alternate choice of recommended routes.

Wastdale Mountain Rescue are being called out several times per week and their spokesperson sounded pretty fed up on Radio4 at lunchtime today. Even the North Rhinog were busy 10 days back.

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This brought to my memory the image I watched on TV of one man shooting drones with his riffle
Flying the drone and waking up people at that early time will likely make more and more people sympathising with the riffle man.




have you got his number? :rofl:

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Ill definitely be staying away till the madness subsides - there are plenty of sensible summits to do well off the beaten track.

I was out for a walk yesterday evening and didnt see a single person in three hours. Drove back into Bowness to collect my daughter from work afterwards and it was a sea of people


What a beautiful picture, Mark!
Thanks for sharing!