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WARNING Taking part in SOTA can be seriously addi


Ohhhhhh my god. I fit 90% of these criteria !!!

Do I need detox now? :slight_smile:



Guilty of nearly everything, especially 1 and 7, but definitely not 6. Road atlas for Jimmy (principal navigator) and map & compass for me. Otherwise, not far wrong, and is the condition named after me??? Given this thread has appeared on the same day that I appeared on SOTAwatch at 0524 UTC on a cold wet morning, I suspect it might be…


Whether I’ve done a summit with Liam (my younger son) is the better indicator of the “doability” of a hill. Jimmy’s participation cannot be considered, for he is faster, fitter, leaner and an altogether much more capable mountaineer than me (and many others) these days. In fact, when we go out together, I am rarely “WITH” him. He disappears off in front about five minutes into every ascent. Sometime later I hear “M1EYP/M, this is M3EYP/P - I’m at the summit dad…”. Sometime later still I meet him at the summit and he tells me that he’s already qualified it on his handheld!


In reply to G1ZJQ:
My wife thinks I’ve taken the Chaser element too far now. She has got used to me being sat for hours on end in the shack waiting for the next activation and getting up at the crack of dawn to catch the early bird. But she thought I had gone soft when a couple of weeks ago I agreed to her request to take her on a saturday drive to Oban on the west coast of Scotland, especially as Saturdays are usually good days for chasing. I suggested that we took lunch in Oban then drive up the coast to Glencoe. On the way out to Oban I managed a /M QSO with Robin (GM7PKT/P) which was not out of the ordinary to her. However, she soon realised that I had a serious problem when we arrived in Glencoe and started moving from Carpark to carpark in order to get the best signals from Robin and Allen (MM1BJP/P) who were activating a series of mountains in the Glencoe area!

She finally realised she had been duped into taking the part in a new form of Chasing where you drive around seeking out the activators on 145 fm.

Anyway Susan enjoyed her day out in the sunshine and beautiful scenery that is the west coast of Scotland and Glencoe and I bagged 40 odd points.



Very good Mike !!!

But what´s the spicy mixture of a mountain goat and a shack sloth?
This “sad” person thinks on the summit of the lost chaser-points
and dreams at home from getting a pile-up on the Mont-blanc or
Ben Nevis…hi

Have a nice day es vy73 from Fritz DL4FDM


The following things have actually been done (alledgedly) in the past by addicted activators and chasers.

  1. Picking up the telephone and saying “QRZ?”

  2. Saying 73 on the telephone instead of goodbye.

  3. Quoting summit references to confused non-amateur walkers - “hey I did North Wales forty last week!”

  4. Signing up for the newsletter of the “Society of Typographic Aficionados”.

  5. Swearing at your wife she talks at the wrong moment when trying to pick out a callsign and sota ref for SWL points (I admit to this one) on a weak signal.

  6. Having a keen interest in the battery section in the local supermarket.

Could probably think of loads more :slight_smile:



OK, if it’s confession time, the worst one I have done (more than once) is:

'Phoned someone up - no answer, answer machine comes on. I leave my message, and end it with “M1EYP”. Then realise with horror that the slip is irreversible!