Ian(G7EGQ), myself & Kids are hoping to head over to wales sometime in the near future. Weather permitting, caravan campsite confirmation, etc. Can anyone suggest any summits that are suitable for a family with a varied age scale. I’m not going to reveal my age but the youngest child is 5 and the eldest child is 13 (Jordan - M3TMX). Jordan is hoping to scale Snowdon, but I know that will be to difficult for me and the other two. (Although they have managed Fountains Fell - NP017.) I know know there is a train!!! but that would be cheating. Any info would be gratefully recieved.


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Which part of Wales will you be staying in Amanda? In my area, NE Wales there are several summits suitable for a mixed age family.
The Horseshoe Pass above Llangollen has a pair of 2 point summits accessible from the same car park, NW-042 and NW-043. There is a cafe between the two summits and Llangollen is a lovely town to visit.
Near Mold there is another suitable pair, NW-044 and NW-051, further down the coast is NW-070 The Great Orme at Llandudno, more or less a drive on summit with cafe, copper mining museum, mountain railway, cable car ride, plus other attractions.
Anglesey offers 2 X 1 point summits NW-071 and NW-069 with some stunning views over the Holyhead Harbour. Day trips to Ireland are available via the ferries from Holyhead and Anglesey has quite a few family attractions.
If you do Great Orme, an easy 4 point summit is NW-040 and it lies just inland from the Orme.
These are just a few which I think would make for a good family day out, hope it helps. Have a good time.

PS You will need a beam on lots of the GW summits. The train on Snowdon only goes half way to the summit due to works on the summit, using the train would most certainly NOT be cheating.

73 Mike GW0DSP

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Don’t know as yet which part of wales we are heading too. My brother has a caravan sited near to Ffestiniog(??), so we might try near there. But then again I have friends in Bristol so it might be South Wales. Ian also has various relatives that live around Worcester and Telford, so then again it might be Mid-Wales. Ian does the booking up, I just go with the flow. That might sound strange to some people, but I’m also a woman that doesn’t like shopping much. Ask Ian if you see him at Blackpool (Norbreck)!!!

Amanda (2E0MND)

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If you choose to stay near Ffestiniog I suggest Allt Fawr, NW-025, worth 4 points. It overlooks the Ffestiniog Slate Quarry so you can’t miss it, drive up the Crimea Pass and park at the top, giving you a good start for height! After crossing the stile don’t head straight for the rise overlooking the road, take a rising contour around it on the right (north, vague path) and then there is an easier angled ascent to the summit ridge. If the family is really energetic follow the ridge to the col then you can go up Moelwyn Mawr NW-016 (6 points). For the younger kids note a steep drop on the side of Allt Fawr overlooking the slate quarry.


Brian G8ADD

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Hi Amanda
Not sure if you have a tourer but we have stayed on these sites with ours very basic, but quiet.
The Llangollen railway ends here, which I am sure would be a good afternoons fun for the children, a stream runs a little way from the site which is safe to paddle in, a pub and small shop is also within walk / stumbling distance.

Llangollen is a short drive from the Horseshoe pass with the summits Mike GW0DSP listed and a reasonable drive through the lovely Welsh countryside to Angelsea or in the other direction GW/NW-044 Moel Famau etc.

There are more all inclusive sites like expensive but all singing all dancing site.

or possibly one right on the border into Wales is Greenacres Farm park in Queensferry. The younger members of the family will love the animals and Asda is across the road and Chester is 8 miles away, with it’s award winning zoo. Might need security here as this is the Welsh Mafia’s backyard (GW0DSP & GW7AAV)