Waiting the sun on Monte degli Elci I/LZ-142

Hello everyone, small report of my last activation in the Sabina hills. We are about 45 km north of Rome where the Monte degli Elci LZ-142 is located, a long and high hill overlooking Rome. The day was not the best, the first few hours a little rain fell, I waited to start walking … and luck would have it that the sun is back on the tops of Sabina. The top of Monte degl Elci can be reached in about 40 minutes of walking, where I mounted my usual fishing rod as a support for a Longwire antenna connected to the Tuner ZM-2 and the Chinese clone of the MCHF.

I operated in cw and ssb on 20/30/40 meters for a total of 18 qso with two S2S with @OM4WY and @LB4FH the propagation was not bad and after the day before there was a blackout on the HF due to solar activity. Overall a pleasant activation, even if I had already activated this peak the pleasure of doing radio activities in portable mountain is never discussed :slight_smile: