Waite Hill NE-066/ non event

Sorry folks if I let you down this afternoon we never made it to Waite Hill as the drive back from Pualco Range made us late. We did about 70km of tracks through the salt bush some times hardly able to see the track as it was very over grown so progress was slow. That was a round trip east of Waite hill which we thought might be a summit to do on the way home WRONG #%!! Its a monster hill from the bottom looking up so we decided to head on home as it was nearly dark.
We encountered lots of Kangaroos jumping along side and crossing the road in front of us so we got out just in time. It was nice to go out east for a change and we had a chance to work out maybe an easier way to get to Pualco next time . Its always easier once you have been to a summit rather than try to source information from Google Earth, and my e Trex could not even find the tracks we went on. Great day out Hugh VK5NHG did his first summit and his wife Kate came along for moral support and some bird watching . We saw an emu sitting on 10 dark green eggs which is something I have never seen before they are quite big probably 5 time larger than a Hen’s egg .We plan to return on do Waite Hill next time Hugh has a weekend off work. Watch for my alerts next week after Tuesday I am spending 3 days of summit activating near Quorn NE Zone. 73 de Ian vk5cz …