Wainwrights Wlaks

just got up and turned the tv on, and noticed at 8-30am utc on bbc2 will be a programme on wainwrights walk, the information says julia bradbury will be walking scarfell, for those who have never seen this summit, heres your chance.
Steve m0sgb

I am looking at it right now after I’ve taped all previous episodes.

After visiting the Lake District this summer I look at the fells in a very different way: with more respect.

Regarding Scafell: can this really be done in one day and also activating it as well? I don’t think Julia made the descent on foot as she was at the summit at sunset.

One thing I do regret is not buying the A. Wainwright books while over there.

Well, we have to go back next year won’t we :o)


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Hi, Peter, as a walker I have done both Scafell and Scafell Pike together in one day on several occasions, from both Borrodale and Wasdale. Doing just Scafell should free up an hour or two for a nice long activation! From the NT campsite at the head of Wastwater you can see all of the quickest route to the summit.

I also suspected that Julia got a lift down the mountain from a helicopter, but in mid summer twilight lasts so long that you can easily reach the valley before darkness is complete after watching the sunset.

73 and Happy Xmas

Brian G8ADD

Apparently Julia and the crew did walk back down, headtorch style, after the filming. The programme was a bit misleading, in that Julia mentioned an ascent time of about 8 hours, without adding that the various bits of filming had probably doubled the time needed. 4 hours would give you a relaxed stroll to the summit in decent conditions.

BTW Brian, Scafell Pike is the SOTA summit. Scafell isn’t a Marilyn (any more).


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TBH, I can never remember which is which, even when I’m standing on them…though if I’m standing on Scafell Pinnacle (NOT walking territory!) I can remember well enough, it concentrates the mind wonderfully!


Brian G8ADD

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Scafell isn’t a Marilyn (any more).

Philosophical question - was it ever?

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Taking the long view, before the glaciers cut back to Mickledore it was probably just one summit, and after the next ice age they will probably make two Marilyns - not that we will be about to activate them!

Happy Xmas

Brian G8ADD

Philosophical question - was it ever?

Was it ever a Marilyn? Yes.

Was it ever a P150? No.