Wainwrights, Marilyns, Marconi and Morse

Hi All,
You may enjoy looking at a talk I recently gave to the Fell and Rock Climbing Club via zoom.
It describes my lifelong jouney, combining my love of the hills and Amateur Radio.
It is now archived on Youtube.



Hi David

Thanks for sharing your very enjoyable presentation. That was a marathon Zoom session🙂 Pleased to be in your log on so many of your activations, however, we have been out of sync lately for an s2s.

73 Allan GW4VPX

Well done David!
Very nice, indeed.
Best, Ken

An enjoyable talk, thank you for sharing.

But are magnetic boots allowed? :slight_smile:

Rotated or upside-down images normally indicate a fruity device was used somewhere along the line.

No that is my fault, I provided the FRCC with a “tall picture” It would have needed side blockers if turned 90 deg clockwise. Sorrreee.

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