WA4HMX SOTA Chaser from W4V After 53 Years Call Le

Please NOTE:

Today at 6:38 AM
After 53 years in Amateur Radio, getting my license in 1961 (WN4HMX) at age
of 14 then upgraded in 6 months (WA4HMX) now as I am getting older I did something to a lot of thought and I said I would never do it. My Love of CW and getting older for years I looked at one Vanity Call and always said that would be the only one I would ever get. With a lot of New hams and I found a lot of people over the years on CW has had problem with the copy of my call. Way before Oct 1st I found the Vanity Call I said I would ever get was open. I applyed for it and then here Came the Goverment Shutdown. The FCC was Closed and Nothing was being done in their office. Today Oct 17 the Goverment re-open and at 6:30 AM I checked the FCC-FRN site it was open and online. Log in with my FRN# and Password. (Issue date was Oct 4,2013)
It Did Not Come up as WA4HMX But the vanity call I applyed for and the Only one I said I would EVER Get came up.It will be so much better on CW for me and others.
*** Take NOTE** WA4HMX Call is now (SK) Just the Call not the operator.
MY NEW Call now is W 4 D O W
(ISNT THAT PRETTY ON CW) Only those doing CW will understand !
It will a a few days for the database to get posted on QRZ
Best 73 All de W4DOW

In reply to WA4HMX:

Well I wrote you down in the log the other week as WA4SMX and it was talking to Rich N4EX on 24MHZ SSB on the same activation where he corrected me. So you were entered as WA4HMX. That won’t happen from now on.

I’ll be listening out for W4DOW from now on. But I bet you’ll still send WA4HMX when you stop concentrating for the next few months!


hope to hear you on agn soon

During contests with fast CW I found it very hard to distinguish “S” from “H”. I think D O W is better. Congrats on the new call!


In reply to WA4HMX:

Thanks for the call today Dow.

73, Steve.

Hi Dow,
all ok…great call ! logged our first qso with your new call before !

thanks and greetings…klaus DF2GN/p

In reply to DF2GN:
Thanks Klaus and sure was good working you on another Summit Looking forward to doing it again soon
73 Dow (W4DOW)

In reply to G1INK:
God Working you Steve hope to do it many more times.
73 Dow W4DOW

In reply to MM0FMF:
Thanks Andy this new will be netter on CW and in bad conditions, Thanks and hope to work you again soon
73 de Dow W4DOW

In reply to G1INK:
Good To work you again Steve, hope to do it again soon
73 de Dow W4DOW