WA4HMX in VA Shack Sloth in a Short time

WA4HMX Breakdown with SOTA:
I started off Working AC4M on 2M Simplex to give him Contacts just to help him out with his 4 contacts on each summit. From April 26, 2013 up until about Sept 8 I had worked Craig number of time on his trips and I keep a log of my contacts, date, time, report and his Summit Name and number he gave over the air. I had collected at total of 108 points in that short time. Around Sept 25, 2013 I sign up on SOTA and started a log and putin all my back log contacts with AC4M and a few other locals. On Sept 12 I got hit by the bug and made my first Real HF Sota contact to WA2USA/P on 40m CW Each and every day I found my self looking for more contacts with SOTA Members on Summits. Most Contacts with different Activators is to date (#1) AC4M 16 Times (#2) WA2USA 9 times (#3) DF2GN 7 times. Working SOTA DX Activators in Germany, England, Wales, Scottland, and Canada. Along with SOTA Activators in 10 Different States. From Sept 12, 2013 until Today October 3, 2013 I have made 903 Chaser points giving me a total now of 1011 Total Points . Short amount of time but keeping after the contacts which a very large per centage was on CW. Thanks everyone Local for all the help and thanks to Jimmy Jo for the great Facebook site for the Local SOTA Activators and Chasers in VA & TN Area. In my 53 years in the hobby I have always love CW and have worked 100’s of Contest and DX’peditions and I really enjoy this SOTA program and find it loads of fun. Almost like a ongoing Day after day contest which I find fun and run into some good people and great operators who love the hobby as much as I do. Thanks every one.
Dow Pierce (WA4HMX) (ON NOW To 2000 Points)

Licensed in 1961 CW Operator forever. 73

It’s been nice to work you from Vetter Mountain and Pine Mountain out here in the San Gabriels.


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Thanks Good working you also. After all you guys are the ones doing all the real work. Thanks 73 de Dow WA4HMX